Top Latin American government and business leaders debate region's future at MIT Sloan

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 20, 2004 — What is the future of Latin America? With new trends in overseas manufacturing and trade in a highly global economy, what will the role of Latin America be in the 21st century? Formerly outsourced jobs to the region are now being transferred to India and China. What will this do to the Latin American economy? These issues among others will be discussed and debated by leaders from government, business and academia at the MIT Sloan School of Management, March 5-6 at the Cambridge campus.

The conference will host influential speakers such as Jamil Mahuad, Former President of Ecuador; Dr. Vinod Thomas, Director of World Bank, Brazil; Dr. Vittorio Corbo, President of Chilean Central Bank, Mr. Roberto Setubal, President and CEO of Banco Itau Holding Financeira S.A; and Lorenzo Mendoza, CEO Empresas Polar. MIT President Charles Vest, MIT Sloan Dean Richard Schmalensee and MIT Sloan Dean Emiritus Lester Thurow will also be among the conference participants (full list attached).

The 7th MIT Sloan Latin American Conference is organized each year by MBA students from the MIT Sloan Latin Club and Brazilian Club. The yearly conference brings top regional leaders together with academia for a public discussion of issues facing the region.

For over fifty years, the MIT Sloan School of Management, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been one of the world's leading academic sources of innovation in management theory and practice. With students from more than 60 countries, it develops effective, innovative, and principled leaders who advance the global economy.

The organizers of the Conference invite you to attend the events and speak to the panelists. To RSVP and press interviews contact Tatiana Peres (above). For further details about the conference, go to:

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