MIT Sloan MBAs learn globally, look for jobs locally

More hopeful about job prospects as Massachusetts economy recovers

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., January 11, 2005 — After several years of gloomy employment prospects, MIT Sloan School of Management MBAs are feeling a bit more hopeful as they launch their seventh annual Massachusetts job-hunting Tech Trek this week.

“Representatives of high tech companies that have come to MIT Sloan seem to have a positive outlook on the market and some appear to have an immediate need for full time hires,” said Thomas Schmidt, one of more than 70 Sloan MBAs who will be meeting with executives of about 40 technology, biotech and other firms in the area from January 12-14. “People say that a larger number of companies are recruiting.”

And the MIT Sloan students want to learn more about what local companies are seeking. “It is always good to have additional knowledge about the economy in one's own environment,” said Nathalie Butcher, who worked in finance for five years before coming to MIT Sloan and is now interested in finding a job in operations in the consumer goods sector. “I know that the companies in the Boston area are doing cool things and it's interesting to get a first-hand look.”

Just as the MIT Sloan students are eager to land jobs, Massachusetts is anxious to find and retain skilled workers for its high-end economic sectors.

“Everyone knows that Boston is a hot spot of innovation and intellectual development, but I want to know specifics,” said Tim Crosby, who is seeking work in the video game industry. “What are the cutting edge companies doing right now? I look forward to meeting these leading innovators and getting involved in the technology scene.”

Rani Bose, who worked for a Waltham-based health care information company before attending MIT Sloan, said that key sector is also hungry for talent. “The health care market is in the process of booming, and I am not concerned about my job prospects,” said Bose. “It's just a matter of finding the organization and position that has the right fit for me.”

Thomas Kudrle, who won't earn his MBA until next year, is nonetheless anxious to learn more about the interests of Massachusetts employers. “I am interested in finding out more about both the technologies that are being developed in the area as well as opportunities available for those with both technical and MBA backgrounds,” he said. “I went through the tech bubble with a telecom company and feel much more optimistic now about the economy.”

Earlier this month, other MIT Sloan MBAs conducted their own Tech Treks looking for jobs in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. That annual job-prospecting and networking visit to California has been in place for more than a decade.

Students available for interviews. Contact Paul Denning.

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