Semifinalist teams: Social Impact team public summaries


Aerovax's mission is to develop innovative and low-cost solutions for vaccinating developing populations against deadly infectious diseases. Aerovax has designed a safe, portable aerosol device for delivering vaccine that requires no electrical power and eliminates the need for syringes and needles. Our first product is aimed at reducing measles death on a worldwide basis. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there are 30-40 million cases of measles occurring annually with 610,000 measles deaths in 2002 primarily in Africa, South and East Asia. WHO and UNICEF have set a goal to drastically and aggressively reduce measles morbidity and death in the coming years, and Aerovax intends to help make that goal a reality.


Approximately 12.5 million cases of chronic, and potentially debilitating, wounds are reported across the globe, most of which are treated using inadequate procedures. Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a revolutionary technology that has been medically proven to successfully treat these chronic wounds. Current application of NPWT is cost prohibitive across the board and technically infeasible in many locations. In particular, the application requires a $10K-$20K vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) device and $180 per day for disposable dressings. The VAC device is not only costly, but requires significant electrical and other technical resources during application. As one can see, the utility of this technology across economically depressed regions is low. AllHeal, a medical product-based, not-for-profit business addresses this need through the development of low cast alternative VAC systems. These systems will be sold worldwide with revenue from the U.S. market being channeled to subsidize the economically underdeveloped markets. A targeted cost of $10 per VAC system and a $1/day disposable cost would significantly expand the impact of NPWT technology.

Bagazo Energy

Indoor air pollution caused by cooking fires is one of the most under-publicized problems facing the world today.

  • Acute respiratory infections are the leading cause of death of young children around the world, greater than even diarrhea, malaria, or malnutrition. These infections kill more than two million people per year.
  • Smoke emitted by wood and dung cooking fuel is the primary contributing factor to respiratory infections in the developing world.
  • 2.4 billion people rely on dung or wood-based products as their primary cooking fuel.
  • Further, the use of wood-based cooking fuels has led to severe deforestation in many parts of the world.

Bagazo Energy is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing these issues by finding innovative solutions to the energy needs of the poorest people of the world. Utilizing research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Development Laboratory (D-Lab) and funded in part by a MacArthur Fellowship Award, we have developed a unique process to create concentrated cooking fuel from agricultural waste products. This new cooking fuel will offer a viable substitute for the wood, dung, or petroleum-based products commonly used today. As the volatility of the world's energy markets continues, Bagazo Energy will provide an alternative fuel and create new small business opportunities at the grassroots level in low-income communities.

CentroMigrante, Inc.

Impoverished people in developing countries leave their rural hometowns and flock to urban areas to seek employment but are usually unable to afford decent lodging while searching and waiting for jobs. In the Philippines, as many as 1 million Filipinos a year spend up to 3 months away from their home provinces and in Manila's port areas looking for jobs as seafarers, most of them living in shanties under depressed and undignified living conditions. CentroMigrante Inc. combines developmental architecture with a self-help business model to offer a sustainable solution that provides clean, safe and affordable urban housing for such indigent, transient job seekers.

Disaster Relief Dwellings

In the last 25 years, 146.7 millions of people lost their homes as a consequence of natural disasters. Disasters leave, on average, 5.6 million people without housing every year. Current efforts to solve the problem lack the necessary scale and provide short-term solutions with low quality housing. Moreover, too many intermediates are involved in the relief which makes the process highly inefficient. Disaster Relief Dwellings (DRD) provides high-quality, low-cost and fast construction housing units based on our patent pending building process, which uses a smart combination of community trained labor, stabilized earth, and polypropylene. DRD operations do not require transportation of materials to site, or the prefab of large stocks of materials and are highly scalable. Our company will target the $9Bn market of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) market by ensuring efficiency and return on the non profit investment. DRD technology will be used in the relief of the latest flood in the Philippines. Additionally, DRD will conduct a pilot construction in MIT to further document and prove the technology. We are seeking $1.2M of funding offering a return on investment of 9x in year 5 of operations (2011). Projected revenues in that year are $100M and a net income of $14M.

izi Interactive

Don't you wish you learned to speak more languages when you were young? Now it is easier than ever for kids to learn. izi Interactive is an educational media venture that developed a safe and innovative kid-to-kid learning model that enables young language learners from around the world to acquire and practice new languages within a fun and trusted network.


According to Indian mythology, Kalpataru is a magical tree, which grants anything one desires. At Kalpataru, our vision is to change the lives of the poor by providing them with easy access to technology. In pursuit of our goal, we feel that we can make the highest impact by aligning with and increasing the efficiency of India's microfinance industry. There is now irrefutable evidence that microfinance significantly impacts the lives of the poor - raising living standards, improving the education of children and empowering women. Given this, our mission is to use technology to help stretch each microfinanced dollar to go even further. Our solution consists of the MIT $100 Laptop bundled with a suite of microfinance software, services and peripherals. The MIT $100 Laptop platform has important cost advantages over the currently available alternatives and is designed specifically for the developing world.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver on our vision because of our strong links to the $100 Laptop project, our comprehensive understanding of rural India and our proven track record in the field of technology.

OneWorld Medical Devices

OneWorld Medical Devices (OneWorldMD) is introducing vital and innovative solutions to significantly reduce the 4.3M vaccine-preventable deaths each year, which occur primarily in developing countries and during natural disasters or epidemics. The Vaccine Pac is a portable, self-contained, and strict temperature-controlled transport and storage unit that addresses the large vaccine wastage problem that often results from improper temperature control. The unique technology and design of the Vaccine Pac was implemented by a highly skilled team from the MIT Mechanical Engineering Department and has been filed for both U.S. and Foreign PCT patents. A fully functioning prototype has been extremely well received, both as a MIT IDEAS and 1K Business Plan Competition winner as well as by the Program for Appropriate Technologies in Health (PATH) that will promote the Vaccine Pac to United Nations agencies, NGOs, and aid organizations. OneWorldMD is completely committed to medical device solution development for world health and social development efforts.

Rural Smart

Rural Smart is a start-up company in Peru developing a service that bridges the gap between the needs of the “unbanked” market and the very limited reach of financial services organizations. Moreover, the service significantly improves the ease and security of transactions, while greatly reducing the cost of serving this market. Imagine if you are a bank and you could have a branch network that covers even the most remote villages at a small fraction of the cost. Imagine if you are a villager and you can bank in your village, and actually have more than one bank competing for your business. Forget the costly trips some bank reps currently make to serve large rural towns, and the villager who has to make a similar trip.

Rural Smart makes it possible and profitable to serve the “unbanked”. We are adapting existing technologies and using an innovative model that addresses the scarcity of communications infrastructure, and the low population densities in rural Peru.

Seeding Labs

Kick Start Lab Foundation reclaims high-quality used laboratory equipment from universities in the Boston area and sends it to scientists in developing countries to help them improve their capacity to carry out first-rate biological research. In doing so, we counter a brain drain away from developing countries, and enable scientists to gain access to the greater global scientific community and to publish in premiere international peer-reviewed journals.


41,000 children die each day as a result of bacterial and viral infection from contaminated water. TurnPure Inc. is a non-profit company that believes that all people have the right to a safe and plentiful supply of water. We hope to achieve this goal by selling our innovative hand-powered ultraviolet water purification system at a loss to impoverished people and offsetting the cost with sales to the large military, travel, and outdoor recreation markets.


Amidst a digital revolution, our world is becoming one no longer separated by oceans, but rather joined together by fiber optic cables, cellular towers, and satellites. The last decade defined this revolution, stimulated by immense economic growth. This connectivity, which was foreseen as a means to bring the world closer together, has pushed the majority of the world's citizens further apart. VillageSat will work to bridge this digital divide by enabling citizens of underdeveloped regions to improve connectivity. By utilizing mobile satellite communications systems in regions where cellular is not available, VillageSat will take a proven cellular business model a step further by being the pioneer of the satellite virtual network operator (SVNO) industry. VillageSat will seek out entrepreneurially minded locals to resell satellite telephone minutes in their communities, creating for them a sustainable, self-driven business. This process will, in turn, allow thousands to communicate across villages, with family in distant areas, and with business partners to determine important economic data. Bringing positive change and increased productivity to these communities through entrepreneurship and communications opportunities is the underlying mission of VillageSat.

Semifinalist Teams: Business Venture Team Public Summaries


Acillix Inc. produces turnkey engineered systems to demineralize water using microorganisms for waste reverse osmosis (RO) reject water treatment. The company's patent-pending biotechnology solution radically reduces desalination energy requirements, lowers the cost of disposing of industrial waste streams and creates marketable salt and polymer byproducts that can be used as animal feed and in various industrial processes. According to Frost & Sullivan, the US non-chemical water treatment industry is a $4.6B market which has been growing at about 6.7% for the last five years. Acillix initial products will compliment the RO equipment market which currently represents approximately $500M of this total. By reducing RO equipment requirements and providing waste water solutions to the larger market, Acillix will gain a dominant position in the underserved $300M niche market for biotech enabled demineralization from which it plans to expand into the larger water treatment industry.

Advanced Conductors

Advanced Conductors breakthrough technology develops flexible polymer-ceramic hybrid films that significantly increase lifetime as well as enables roll-to-roll processing of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) for the solid state lighting. Advanced Conductors will manufacture large-area solid-state white lighting-emitting panels that reduce power consumption and conserve energy compared incandescent and even fluorescent light sources. Advanced Conductors proprietary flexible hybrid ceramic/polymer nano-composite films address the manufacturability and feasibility challenges in the OLED industry.


Apnyx is a medical device company committed to the development of unique and innovative ways to treat patients that suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Apnyx has developed a patentable device to prevent one of the major causes of obstruction which happens during sleep, without affecting the normal functions of speech and swallowing. This approach will be more effective than current treatment modalities in treating OSA while maintaining the comfort and lifestyle of the patient.


During the 1990s, NASA funded Dr. Donald Sadoway, a world-renowned expert in electrochemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to develop technology to produce oxygen on the moon. Dr. Sadoway theorized that the most effective means to produce oxygen was with extreme molten oxide electrolysis, powered by the sun's energy. Fortunately, this electrochemical process also produces an important by-product: liquid titanium. Two years ago, the MIT Deshpande Center funded testing of Dr. Sad's theory. In the lab, Dr. Sadoway successfully demonstrated the ability to produce liquid metal using molten oxide electrochemistry, a feat which had never been accomplished before. In June 2005, the MIT Deshpande Center established the MIT Two-year Titanium Initiative to further investigate the use of this “green” technology. Since June, Jeff Sabados has discovered the “Sadoway Process” will allow Avanti Metal Company (AMC) to sell Titanium products at 1/10th of their current price, use half of the current capital, and create only 1/100th of the hazardous waste and pollution. This proprietary, one-step, “green” process will replace the multi-step, batch process currently used today. AMC will assemble a team of scientist by August 2006 to scale-up our lab reactor to a 200ton/yr titanium smelter. We have already identified an aluminum smelter manufacturer who will design and mass produce titanium smelters, with a target production date of August 2008. By 2008 we want to have multiple mini-mills producing numerous low cost titanium products. Since our titanium smelter will reduce the value chain to one mini-mill with extremely low capital costs, we believe the Sadoway process is a multi-billion dollar a year “green” business opportunity.


BIO-X has developed a bio-sensing body-tracking system (BIO-FEEDBK®) that will revolutionize the video game playing experience. Unlike anything on the market today, the BIO-FEEDBK system encompasses a rich, multimedia virtual reality simulation environment where a player interacts through the motions of his/her body. The system effectively turns a player's body into a joystick or game controller. No special physical environment is required and the system can easily be adjusted to fit a pl's physical characteristics as well as a preferred game console or PC. “This changes everything. This technology can convert any game from a passive experience to an interactive physical experience, and in the process, the player gets real exercise.” Logitech Corporation. The applications of the BIO-FEEDBK technology extend beyond the gaming industry to the medical world, where using bio-feedback software and virtual reality environments can help patients overcome phobias, recover from post traumatic stress disorders, and also help with physical therapy simulations. For more information regarding the BIO-FEEDBK technology and an interactive online tour of a simulated game environment please visit our website at


Calenova is the first universal electronic calendaring solution. No longer do electronic meeting invitees need to use the same calendar software or access the same group calendar server, such as Palm Desktop or Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, in order to find and schedule a meeting time. With Calenova, users of Outlook, Palm Desktop, Exchange, Lotus Notes, and other calendar software packages will all be able to create, invite, manage, and share electronic meeting invitations and calendar information, regardless of platform or device; even with others who don't even use electronic calendars. For the first time, Calenova users will be able to unify and organize personal, social, community, and professional schedules. Calenova will change the way people make meetings. For business. For fun. Forever.


In this, the information age, advanced techniques are commonly used for the capture, management and sharing of information. However, these techniques are still clumsy and mostly PC-based: they have not advanced to reflect the ubiquity of mobile telephony. Callie is the software technology which finally enables flexible information gathering, management and sharing, for business and pleasure, using the platform of the mobile telephone.


Eazibo's goal is to revolutionize the way of exchanging information online in a natural way. Eazibo, the first product characterized by our patented technology Instant Graphics (IG), is the new generation of Interactive Platform (IP) that substantially improves quality, efficiency, safety and satisfaction of information exchange over the internet; Eazibo helps you “Think eazy, play easy!”

Focus Therapeutics

Focus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that is developing THERiMAGE®, a non-invasive drug delivery platform for localized chemotherapy treatment of liver cancer. THERiMAGE®'s patented microbubble technology acts as both a drug delivery system and ultrasound contrast agent, allowing an oncologist to simultaneously monitor and deliver highly localized chemotherapy treatment in the presence of ultrasound. This technology was invented by Dr. Margaret Wheatley, a world leader in the development of ultrasound contrast agents and controlled release technology.


Dehydration is killing our children and parents. By extending hospital stays, dehydration adds more than one billion dollars to our annual health care costs. It also debilitates soldiers, athletes, and outdoor workers. Hemetrics has created a unique product for inexpensively diagnosing dehydration in the field so that proper treatment can begin, when warranted, before it is too late thus reducing hospital stays in significant elderly populations by an average of 4.7 days, reducing health care system costs by more than one billion dollars, and saving over one million lives annually. Hemetrics seeks to raise 2 million dollars to build a formal product development and marketing team to initially exploit this military medical opportunity worth over 15 million dollars over the next 36 months which will then translate to a vast opportunity in the civilian commercial marketplace.

Infrared Power Systems

A new energy source has been discovered. The technology uses heat from asphalt and other paved surfaces to produce power. Infrared Power Systems will leverage a recently issued patent to introduce a less expensive energy to commercial office buildings and airports.

Interactive Edutainment Inc.

Interactive Edutainment is a Cambridge-based start-up focused on developing educational, web-base, video-like games for the 9-14 year old “tween” age group. The company is exploiting the convergence of technology in multiple sectors: personal computing, Internet, video games, and interactive multiple player online experiences. Its “games” provide educational content in a fun, engaging, meaningful, safe environment, supplementing existing K-12 education.

InVivo Therapeutics

InVivo Therapeutics Corporation, founded in November 2005 is dedicated to saving lives, and providing individuals paralyzed from traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCI) with their first treatment option to restore normal functioning. We have developed a break through approach to treating spinal cord injuries, based on patents co-invented by Robert S. Langer Ph.D. of MIT's Langer Labs, and Harvard Medical School Neurosurgeon Yang “Ted” Teng. Our CEO, Frank Reynolds, was paralyzed for 8 days in 1992, and took 5 years to recover. Frank founded InVivo to prevent others from suffering devastating spinal cord injuries. Our technologies include a novel patent pending polymer based medical devices, tissue engineering, and a new drug to treat spinal cord injuries. We can prevent further tissue damage, as well as repair spinal cord tissue damage. InVivo's portfolio is strong because all of our technologies can be used individually or in combinations. Preliminary discussions with the FDA are encouraging for FDA Fast Track status. We expect that we will have a medical device for SCI repair FDA approved and on the market in 2010.


The high price of oil has made biofuels such as ethanol economically competitive with petroleum based energy sources. Ethanol is currently a gasoline additive and can be used with existing infrastructure as a primary fuel source. MicrobeFuel has developed an innovative integrative process for converting industrial organic waste into ethanol using onsite enzyme production coupled with membrane separation processes. Utilizing this cheap, pretreated and readily available feedstock with our integrative process will allow our company to produce ethanol more efficiently and economically than other firms.


Bactel's patent pending lotion is an instant hand sanitizer that combines, for the first time, iodine-based germicidal action with skin conditioning. The CDC identifies contact with unclean hands as the most common mode of hospital disease transmission, accounting for 2 million annual infections at a cost of $4.5 billion. Existing hand washing agents are alcohol-based and therefore irritate the skin, leading to poor hand hygiene compliance. Ba's novel formulation moisturizes and soothes skin while achieving fast-acting germicidal action against bacteria, viruses (including superior H5N1 Avian flu reduction) and fungi. The Bactel result is less preventable infections, less medical costs, and a more compliant hospital staff.


The fundamental challenge facing the music industry is selling music that people choose to hear. However, they do not know what music people choose to hear, because there is no one else who reports what music people choose to hear. Knowing what music people choose to hear is worth billions.

Peer Review Music features our SoundTrack, a cryptographically-enabled software database product that detects, collects, and organizes, information on what people choose to hear. SoundTrack placed as a finalist (top 10%) an MIT-EF affiliated “50k” business plan competition in summer 2005. Contest organizer Arik Peretz (from Checkpoint software) says about SoundTrack “very well written. You have done an impressive job on both understating the market you're targeting, and building your team.” We provide critical music listening preference and usage data to the music industry “to increase music sales and reduce marketing expenses. The record business is going through a transition period. Andrew Frances, a music industry expert working closely with iTunes, Sony and Columbia, says even major labels like Sony feel pain from reduced market share due to failure to adapt rapidly to new technologies. Our new technology is in a huge growth area in which there is plenty of room for our product as well as future potential competitors. He says no comparable solution exists to SoundTrack. “SoundTrack is a product they really need. The music industry will love SoundTrack.” says the expert. SoundTrack forms the technological and business core to “Peer Review” the focus herein.


With today's search engines, a nine-year-old gets the same matches as a 29-year-old. Our context-aware, patent-pending search engine, Piffany, remedies this, bringing the full potential of the Internet to children. And for young adults, it eliminates the need to sift through ‘googols' of inappropriate matches. For advertisers, Piffany delivers advertisements to the intended target audience. Piffany combines the power and success of sites like Napster, Apple, and Wikipedia with that of search engines like Google and Yahoo.


PowerSentinel is a remote monitoring service for businesses who can't afford to wonder if their backup generators will work in the event of a power outage. In recent years, events such as the California rolling blackouts, the 2003 Northeast blackout, and last year's unprecedented hurricane season have raised awareness of the need for reliable backup power. In response, US businesses have dramatically increased their investments in business continuity plans, and specifically in backup generators. According to Power Dynamics, over $2.8B was invested during 2005 to purchase 70,000 backup generators, representing 10.5 Gigawatts of power. Despite this significant investment and the dire consequences of generator failure, over 90% of installed commercial generators lack any form of remote monitoring. As a result, generator failures go undetected and, according to industry estimates, one in eight generators fail to function properly in an actual power outage. With PowerSentinel, generator reliability is assured through continuous remote monitoring of status and performance. PowerSentinel automates the manual and often neglected task of generator testing and provides 7x24 monitoring through the use of advanced wireless and web technologies. In the event of an alarm condition, PowerSentinel instantly notifies service and/or facility personnel. In addition, customers are provided a secure web portal to access generator status, performance history, and compliance data. Through an innovative partnering approach with generator dealers, PowerSentinel aims to become standard equipment on every generator sold.


ProteoStream is accelerating the pace of drug discovery with PURITY, a patent-pending MIT-engineered microfluidic-based system that enables researchers to delve deeper into the proteome in search of new life science breakthroughs. Identifying and isolating proteins is critically important in discovering new drug targets and biomarkers. PURITY reduces the difficulty and time required to separate complex protein mixtures, resulting in a thirty-fold increase in sample throughput at one-seventh the per sample cost of existing methods. By enabling faster, more reproducible protein separation and by improving the ability to isolate proteins of high importance for drug discovery, ProteoStream is positioned to be a leader in the rapidly growing proteomic tools market.


QuantumID Corp serves the needs of customers who plan to implement RFID technology to leverage their business needs, but are limited by current passive RFID technology. We provide solutions to the exigent problems of security, privacy, and authentication, the need for dynamic memory updates, aggregation of data, through use of innovative tags and readers developed using QuantumID technology. Our solution provides all the benefits offered by an Active RFID technology but without the need for batteries on the tag. Our solution is directly compatible with de-facto standards, e.g. EPCGlobal, and can be directly integrated in existing RFID infrastructure.

QuantumID technology is developed by Dr. Rory O'Connor at MIT. The technology enables active RFID functionality by harvesting power through beamed energy (light), and incorporating an innovative free-space-optical (FSO) communications scheme. Initial results from a prototype provide a 100X functionality, compared to passive RFID tags, at a fraction of cost compared to current active RFID tags. Applications such as authentication, anti-counterfeiting, and pharmaceutical pedigree require line of sight interrogation and are well suited to use of QuantumID technology. We are in the advanced stage of applying for provisional patents.


For the estimated 195 million diabetics worldwide, a critical component of successful diabetes management is close monitoring of blood glucose levels. ReliaSense has achieved a breakthrough in sensor technology which enables diabetes patients to obtain continuous, accurate, and low cost blood glucose measurements so they can effectively manage their lifestyle.

Renaissance Biotechnology

Renaissance Biotechnology is an early stage drug discovery company that is developing revolutionary treatments for spinal cord injury and other diseases by leveraging its leadership position in the fields of glycotechnology, enzyme-enabled therapeutics, and regenerative medicine. Renaissance's scientific team is MIT-centered and its core technologies have been the subject of various peer-reviewed publications and patent applications. Renaissance first plans to develop therapeutics for spinal cord injury and ischemic stroke. Renaissance will further seek expansive growth by developing a pipeline of products based on its core technologies for the treatment of various unmet medical conditions in oncology, orthopedics, dermatology, and infectious disease.


We have developed a novel representation for speech that enables speech recognition in noise. Robust speech recognition will decrease the reliance on keyboards and buttons in our interactions with machines - computers, hand-held devices, telephones, and cars. We will first focus on the speech-based driver-car interface, and later on the personal computer interface markets.


SteriCoat Inc. is developing a superior coating technology targeting the billion dollar medical catheter market. Our coating significantly reduces the incidence of catheter associated infections by preventing the formation of bacterial “biofilms” and actively killing bacterial invaders (e.g., staph infections). SeriCoat's exclusive application technology allows us to coat devices of virtually any size, shape, or material. Our initial target market will be central venous catheters (CVC), which access the pat's bloodstream directly. Our innovation addresses two critical concerns:

  • For patients, it increases safety by reducing the risk of infections, which prolong hospital stay and are potentially fatal
  • For providers, it minimizes expenses associated with treating catheter related bloodstream infections, which cost $10K-50K per infection

Sunlight Photonics

Sunlight Photonics has developed technology that makes it possible to substantially increase the efficiency of solar cells. Solar cells function by absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity. However, the most common material for solar cells, silicon, shows weak absorption in the near-infrared region (800-1100 nm). Our technology improves the absorption of light in this range up to a factor of five, which should be able to increase the overall power generation of solar cells by up to 20% at very little additional manufacturing cost.


Terrafugia is poised to spark the next major transportation revolution with the Transition Personal Air Vehicle (PAV). The Transition is a multi-functional PAV that can drive on any surface road, take to the air from most local airports, and park in a household garage. In addition to increasing personal freedom and mobility, the Transition will be the most economical form of transportation for trips between 100 and 500 miles. For those who value their time, the Transition beats traditional personal aircraft and very light jets (VLJs), as well as commercial airlines and the automobile. Not only is the Transition economically preferable to own, but by taking advantage of the new Light Sport suite of FAA regulations, the Transition will also be easier to fly. Imagine being able to go from your home to your weekend golfing retreat or your out-of-state board meeting completely on your schedule, without having to change vehicles or sit in traffic, and know that you are actually saving money by doing so. That scenario will be a fact of life for anyone who owns a Transition.


The Company, WiPot, provides IT Managers and System Administrators software products that seamlessly integrate storage software and hardware deployments (such as VERITAS NetBackup), and network & system management (NSM) frameworks (such as HP OpenView) in Enterprise data centers. Our out-of-the-box products help customers centralize storage operations while leveraging their existing investments in NSM frameworks, human capital and IT processes. Unlike primitive and ad-hoc support from storage vendors or solutions from third-party NSM framework integrators, our solution is modularized and systematic. It is built on patentable technology from developers with years of experience in the data storage, system management and storage operations.


As internet users, we do more than a billion Google searches a day, making Search Engine Marketing (SEM) the fastest growing advertising channel in online marketing. SEM harnesses the mass volume of search queries by displaying sponsored ads alongside website results for relevant keywords. takes SEM one step further by automating Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and intelligently determining when, where & for how much your company's ad should appear. ZoneBidder is a web-based Search Engine Marketing service providing automated campaign management, tracking & optimization of PPC campaigns by interfacing with search and ad-service platforms. ZoneBidder Technology empowers Search Marketers to manage their own PPC campaigns with an automated system delivering agency results while paying only a fraction of agency fees.

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