Class of 2008 ignites spring fever at MIT Sloan

“AdMIT Weekend showcases all the things the School can do.”
Jonathan McLaughlin, assistant director, MBA Admissions

It happens every spring. Moods soar, excitement builds. It’s MIT Sloan AdMIT Weekend, and on Friday and Saturday, April 21 and 22, the incoming class hits campus for total immersion in the MIT Sloan gestalt.

The April AdMIT Weekend is the second of two such inaugural visits arranged for the benefit of incoming MBAs. Like its predecessor event in March, the April weekend features a whirlwind of conversations with students and faculty about the abundance of opportunities at MIT Sloan — both social and professional.

The newly inducted MBAs meet with faculty and students from MIT Sloan and across the Institute. They find out about the vibrant life of the campus, investigate housing options, and with any luck, see the sun and a flowering cherry tree or two.

Most important, they get an insider’s look at the real MIT Sloan — the MIT Sloan that can’t be conveyed in any other way but experience. “All the opportunities, all the ways this place changes your thinking... AdMIT Weekend showcases all the things this school can do,” says Jonathan McLaughlin, assistant director of MBA Admissions and an organizer of the event.

The enthusiasm, McLaughlin says, is infectious, and not just among the newly inaugurated Sloanies. “Almost everybody at MIT Sloan makes time for this. And they do it for their own pleasure as much as for the sake of incoming students. The MIT Sloan community is rejuvenated by this event. During AdMIT weekend, they are reacquainted with what they love most about the School.”

The color of AdMIT Weekend is not just metaphorical. The halls of the School are awash with red shirts and blue shirts as current students (red) and their significant others (blue) meet and guide their counterparts in the Class of 2008 around campus. While incoming students are questioning faculty and exploring career options, their partners and spouses are getting their own orientation to the School and to Boston.

MIT Sloan Director of Admissions, Rod Garcia, says this AdMIT Weekend represents a milestone. “This is an exciting weekend, because it’s the largest attendance we have ever had at this event.”

The MIT Sloan contingency is also impressive. More than 130 members of the community are participating in the weekend, which begins 9 o’clock Friday morning and comes to a close at 8 p.m. Saturday night after new students and old have bonded, broken a lot of bread, and hatched plans for the year to come.

“We try to put the people of MIT Sloan at the forefront of AdMIT Weekend,” notes McLaughlin. “The people of the School are its spirit.”