MIT Venture Mentoring Service leaders awarded Monosson Prize for Entrepreneurship Mentoring

The MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) and four of its founders and builders are the third annual recipients of The Adolf F. Monosson Prize for Entrepreneurship Mentoring. Alec Dingee, Professor David Staelin, Sherwin Greenblatt and Lou Goldish were all presented with the prestigious Monosson award by MIT Sloan Prof. Edward B. Roberts at the MIT Entrepreneurship Center’s recent E-Lab CEO Reception. This is the first time that an organization has been singled out for this important award, and also the first time that multiple individuals have been recognized as forming a contributing team of mentors.

Since January 2000, the MIT Venture Mentoring Service has supported innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the MIT community through a group of volunteer mentors who assist students, faculty, staff and alumni to boost the chances of their entrepreneurial success. Founded by the shared vision and generosity of Dingee (MIT Sloan SB ’52) and Staelin (MIT EE SB ’60, SM ’61 and ScD ’65), VMS has already provided valued assistance to hundreds of members of the MIT community and was nominated by many of its beneficiaries. Greenblatt (MIT EE SB ’62 and SM ’64) has served as the VMS Director since 2002, and continues to build the organization. Goldish (MIT ME SM ’65 and Sloan SM ’67), meanwhile, is responsible for the screening of VMS applicants

Adolf “Sonny” Monosson, MIT ’48, was a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of more than ten businesses in the finance, publishing, computer, and leasing industries. He was deeply committed to investing time and capital to help other would-be entrepreneurs. Sonny is memorialized in this meaningful award by the initiative and generous funding provided by his long-time partner and friends Bill Grinker, MIT ’56, and Ilene Grinker, now joined in this tribute by other family and friends. In aiding this fund, the Monosson family has just released posthumously Sonny’s book “Turning Problems into Profit”, available from Boston Financial & Equity Corporation.

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