The Dean's World Tour Continues: Summer & Fall 2008

Walid Fayad, Dean
Schmittlein, Adel Belcaid, MBA'06, president of the MIT Club of United Arab
Emirates, and Dave Weber, SM '83 Dean Schmittlein capped off the latest leg of his world travel at a reception with the MIT Alumni Club of UAE. (Pictured l to r: Walid Fayad, Dean Schmittlein, Adel Belcaid, MBA ’06, president of the MIT Club of United Arab Emirates, and Dave Weber, SM ’83.)

Expanding the global visibility of MIT Sloan has been a keystone of Dean Schmittlein's administration. As part of his ongoing efforts on this front, the Dean has continued crossing the globe to visit with alumni, business and government leaders, and partner institutions. On each trip, he takes with him the latest news about MIT Sloan and a vision for the School's future. What he brings back to campus are the thoughtful insights of those with whom he speaks and a global perspective that promises to inform MIT Sloan's place in the business world.

A West Coast Swing

Dean Schmittlein spent July 21—25 visiting with west coast alumni. The dean was the guest of honor at the annual Northern California Summer Gathering hosted by Richard Owen, SM' 92, and his wife Susan — more than 150 alumni, friends, and students attended.

While in California, Dean Schmittlein met with alumni leaders at Google and Symantec. He also took time out of his schedule to advance career development and hosted a lunch for recruiters local to California. As part of this visit to the left coast, the dean also met with media outlets in both San Jose and San Francisco before it was time to head onto the next location — Seattle.

Seattle is the city calls home, and Dean Schmittlein took advantage of the opportunity to meet with alumni leaders at the large Internet retailer. The dean was the guest of honor at an intimate alumni dinner hosted by Assen Nicolov, SM ’77, and his wife Christine. He also hosted a luncheon roundtable for local alumni volunteers, leaders, and current students—the main topic was MIT Sloan's presence in the region and how the current community could work together to create a more indelible impression on the business community at large.

A Brief Hop to Beijing

In the midst of summer Olympic fever, the dean landed in Beijing, China. Check out the dean's blog to learn more about his assessment of the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

South America in September

Dean Schmittlein took a short tour of South America from September 23—29. The dean began his stay on the continent with a stop in Brazil to visit alumni currently working at Banco Itau. The dean also made time to stop by a book launch for Ricardo Betti, SM'86. The Brazil leg of his trip concluded with a dinner for the MIT Sloan Club of Brazil.

Besides Brazil the dean took media appointments in Argentina and Chile and dined with those countries' respective MIT Clubs.

Autumn in New York and Asia

New York City

In October, the dean traveled to New York City for the first meeting of the North American Regional Board. The North American board — one of four such boards formed to increase MIT Sloan's global visibility — is made up of 36 leading alumni and business leaders. Brought in to discuss MIT's presence in North America, the board evaluated MIT Sloan's current initiatives and its presence in the world of North American business.

On October 16th, Dean Schmittlein enjoyed the Annual Appreciation Dinner with MIT Sloan alumni and friends. It was the highest attended Annual Appreciation Dinner to date with over 120 guests in attendance. The hosts of the event were Jack, SM ’70, and Margarita Hennessy. Professor Richard Locke, the featured faculty speaker, spoke on the topic of “Redefining Sustainabilty.” Next stop, Asia again!

October 29: Beijing

Dean Schmittlein kicked off an extensive tour of Asia on October 29th with another visit to Beijing. The dean met with press, government officials, and business leaders to discuss China's global economic presence following the Beijing Olympics. Before heading for his next stop, Tokyo, Dean Schmittlein met with MIT Sloan alumni for an informal lunch to further discuss MIT Sloan and its presence in the Asian and global economy.

October 31: Tokyo

Dean Schmittlein began his day in Tokyo by meeting privately with a few MIT Sloan alumni to talk about their current impressions of MIT Sloan as a global business education leader. Next it was off to a lunch with representatives from the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) to discuss the Innovation, Strategy, and Leadership for the Japanese Managers Program, which begins January 2009.

After the meeting Dean Schmittlein moved on to more private meetings and press bookings. He closed his day in Tokyo with an MIT Alumni Reception. At the alumni event, the dean talked about MIT Sloan's presence in Japan's business world at large. He spoke directly with Yoichi Yokomizu, MBA, ’86, at the event. Mr. Yokomizu is EVP, CIO at Lawson, Inc. and the current president of the MIT-Japan club. He took time out of his busy schedule to discuss future plans for growing MIT Sloan's presence in corporate Japan.

November 2: Seoul

Dean Schmittlein began his trip to Seoul at a reception for MIT Alumni where he encouraged alumni to become involved with MIT Sloan and the MIT Sloan Management Society of Korea.

The dean began the next day with press in the morning and then meetings with prominent MIT Sloan alumni during the day, including a lunch at Samsung. The evening included more meetings, including one at Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU) Graduate School of Business to discuss their relationship with MIT Sloan and their goal of becoming the top MBA Program in Korea and throughout Asia.

The evening at SKKU closed with a presentation by Dean Schmittlein to students, faculty, and alumni. Dinner with SKKU's president, deans, and faculty brought Dean Schmittlein's time in Seoul to a close.

November 4: Hong Kong

It was another day, but not just another stop on the dean's tour of Asia. On November 4 the Hong Kong leg of the tour commenced with some landmark events.

First, Dean Schmittlein visited Hong Kong University, meeting with leaders of the school of management. The next stop was the first of a two-part meeting in Hong Kong with the new Asian Executive Board for MIT Sloan. The Asian Executive Board was created to help develop MIT Sloan's relationships in Asia and to expand MIT Sloan's visibility and impact in the region. Dean Schmittlein ended his first day in Hong Kong getting acquainted with members of the board.

November 5 began with the first formal meeting of the Asian Executive Board at UBS. The current economic crisis was discussed at length in conjunction with MIT Sloan's approach to real-time learning, teaching, and research on and through the crisis. The board also examined current MIT Sloan initiatives and the overall state of the school.

At the meeting's close the dean moved on to media appointments and a small dinner with former MIT Sloan alumni and representatives from Lingnan and Hong Kong University.

November 7: Dubai

Dean Schmittlein landed in Dubai on November 7 to attend a meeting of The World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Councils, a three-day long summit of economic voices from around the world. At the forum's end, Dean Schmittlein met at Booz & Company with that firm's leaders and analysts. From there it was off to an MIT Alumni Club of UAE reception sponsored by Booz.