Siebel and McKinsey Scholars recognized at Town Hall

Siebel ScholarsDean David Schmittlein stands with the Siebel Scholars. Standing from left to right, Damian Wisniewski, Burt LaFountain, Dean Schmittlein, Ignacio Diaz, Raphael Girardoni, Irina Starikova.

At the October 1 MBA Town Hall meeting, Dean Schmittlein and announced the recipients of this year's Siebel and McKinsey scholarships. The two prestigious and financially generous awards recognize promising students at different times in their tenure as MBAs for their achievements for inside and outside of the classroom.

Siebel Scholars

The Siebel Foundation's award recognizes outstanding performance in top schools of management and computer science. Selection is based on both academic merit (at MIT a GPA of 4.9 or higher!) and demonstrated leadership both in the classroom and through extracurricular involvement.

In addition to meeting the academic criteria, The Class of 2009 student winners received strong recommendations from faculty and staff. Thos winners are:

Ignacio Diaz, MBA ’09
Ignacio stands out as the Senate Academic Committee Chair. He sits on the MBA Faculty Policy Committee and is a TA for Professor Andrew Lo and is developing an idea with classmates for a Premium Brands Incubator.

Raphael Girardoni, MBA ’09
Raphael is the co-president of both the Sloan Activities Board and the Transportation Club; a vice president of the Sloan LGBT; a member of the Sean's MBA Student Advisory Committee; and a senator.

Burt LaFountain, MBA ’09
Burt is a standout in the Class of 2009 both for his intellect and positive personal presence. His leadership is evident in many realms: He serves as co-president of the Management Consulting Club, sponsorship chair for the MIT Clean Energy Prize, a member of the Senate, and a proud Pacific Ocean pilot.

Irina Starikova, MBA ’09
Irina immediately stands out both in the classroom and through her extracurricular activities. She is the Chair of this year's MIT Venture Capital Conference, an officer of the VCPE club, a $100K organizer, and a member of the Dean's MBA Student Advisory Committee.

Damian Wisniewski, MBA ’09
Damian is on the Executive Board of the Sales Club and is a co-owner of SloanGear. He is also in charge of recruiting and corporate outreach for SloanLGBT and a proud pilot of the Baltic Penguins.

The McKinsey Awards

The McKinsey Awards, based on community leadership and academic accomplishments, were presented to four first-year students by MIT Sloan alumni Tanguy Catlin, MBA '04, and Kevin McLellan, MBA '02, both of McKinsey.

This year the winners were: Ashley Baker, who developed and launched her family business's first-ever brand strategy and identity; Andrew Black, who passed the Level III Ski Instruction Exam, and will “learn how to develop solutions to complex problems” here at MIT Sloan; Kathryn Johnson, who developed a new line of business at her previous employer; and Steven Wang, a “self-starter” from China who taught himself German.