Not Easy Being Green

X PRIZE finalistsX Prize finalists — Jeremy Stewart, Jonathan Dreher, and Michael Norelli, all LFM ’10.

The X Prize Foundation announced the finalists in their “What's Your Crazy Green Idea?” Video Contest on YouTube. Jonathan Dreher, Michael Norelli, and Jeremy Stewart, all LFM ’10, were chosen as finalists for their idea to reduce the home energy consumption of American communities by offering incentives to any specific concerted group for the largest mass energy reduction within a calendar year.

“It takes a lot of time to create new technologies. We wanted to create a large measurable, immediate impact.” says Dreher of the idea the three put together. During a class here at MIT Sloan the three developed and looked at the bigger issue behind developing clean technologies versus conservation. The problem they found with creating a technology was the time that it would take to do so. They also discovered that many people weren't approaching the demand side of the argument. The idea behind their proposal is that it will have a “bigger immediate impact by getting people to reduce consumption.”

Dreher and cohorts are finalists for the $25,000 prize, but they need your help. The contest is decided by a popular vote and they hope that you believe in their video enough to cast your click for them.

Dreher says they hope to make their proposal a reality with the help of The X Prize Foundation if chosen. The group plans to donate a portion of the prize to a green charitable organization. They also plan to have a small celebration for all those involved with their project. Visit the X Prize website to vote for their project “Energy X-Prize: Reduce Home Energy Usage.”