Senior Associate Dean Alan White awarded the Fudan Honorary Professorship

Alan WhiteSenior Associate Dean Alan White

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 16, 2009 — Entering its 13th year, the Fudan-MIT joint MBA program has raised up more than 1000 faculty members, academic researchers, business school administrators, and real-world business elites. Last week, in the packed Li Dansan auditorium, the pictures of the faces of hundreds of former Fudan-MIT MBA faculty members, alumni, and students dotted the big screen, which when pieced together, brilliantly portrayed the face the man deemed at Fudan as “The Educator of Educators,” Alan F. White, Senior Associate Dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

On July 11, the Fudan-MIT MBA family had a grand reunion with about two hundred faculty members, alumni, new, and second-year students witnessing the awarding of Dean White’s Honorary Professorship. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Yin Zhiwen, associate dean of the Fudan School of Management, with Dean Lu Xiongwen and Dr. Philip Kwok as distinguished guests and keynote speakers.

Through Dean White’s 13-years of hard work, the China Management Education Project has been widely recognized and has contributed greatly to the development of the Fudan IMBA program and School of Management at Fudan University. To express sincere gratitude and heartfelt goodwill for future cooperation with MIT Sloan, Dean Lu Xiongwen presented the honorary professorship to Dean White on behalf of the Fudan School of Management.

Following remarks of Professor Yu Yihong, the associate dean of the Fudan School of Management, a slide presentation took the audience through the 13-year history of Alan White’s contribution to the school. Then came the emotional moment that all in attendance will remember: All of the pictures of the smiling faces projected on the big screen converged to sketch out Dean White’s amiable face. In this special way, the Fudan-MIT MBA family expressed its gratitude to the “Father of MIT China Education Project.”

This very successful and important program would never have happened without Dean White’s leadership and dedication. In fact, Dean White's passion for sharing MIT Sloan’s knowledge with Fudan faculty and staff, together with his work — marked by skill, kindness, and unwavering commitment — benefits everyone in the program. Dean White’s initiative, leadership, and dedication make him a model to all students, alumni, and faculty, and he earned the respect of alumni, top managers, and government officials on both sides of the Pacific.

Upon receiving the certificate of Honorary Professorship awarded by Dean Lu, Dean White delivered his first “lecture” at Fudan. During his speech, he gave a positive review of the 13-year program and cited Professor Xie Xide’s remarkable personality as an encouragement to future business leaders. With a solid foundation laid by the Fudan-MIT model, the two schools will further their cooperation in the future by sharing global alumni networks and academic resources. Dean White’s remarks were echoed by Dr. Philip Kwok, senior advisor to the MIT-China Education Project, who expressed his firm belief that the two sides could learn and benefit mutually from the success of the program.

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