Students share knowledge gained through spring study tours

Spring is in full swing at MIT Sloan and projects here are starting to bear fruit. On Monday April 27, students who participated in China Lab, India Lab, and the Antigua and Southeast Asia study tours convened at a poster session where they discussed the results of their varied trips with members of the MIT Sloan community.

The projects covered a broad range of disciplines such as rebranding and management strategy, and offered the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in classes to real-world business situations. The companies represented were as diverse as the project topics, including a hot sauce company in Antigua and a network of hospitals in rural India.

Jennifer Jeng, MBA ’09, one of the students involved in a project with Jiangsu Forest Furniture out of Danyang, China, mentioned her class work and how it helped her better understand the scope of the project. She also feels the project helped her better understand the lay of the Chinese corporate landscape. Says Jeng, “It was interesting. There's a very structured hierarchy [in China] in terms of interaction with senior-level management. It was a good experience to have.”

This positive outlook on the trips dominated the session as groups told about their various trips and explained their project goals. Katie Barrett, MBA ’10, says, “This is why I came to MIT Sloan — the opportunity to experience and do these kinds of global projects.” Barrett's group developed a market entry strategy for Adea, an IT solutions company based out of Dallas/Fort Worth that also has outsourcing operations in Bangalore, India. “It was really exciting,” says Barrett. “They're going ahead with a lot of our recommendations.”

Other student presenters echoed Barrett's excitement about the promise of their projects and the opportunity to work closely and on meaningful projects with clients abroad. And working directly with clients in-country on emerging needs projects is something for which MIT Sloan students are uniquely prepared.

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