Innovating Lithuania

Andrius Kubilius speaks to MIT Sloan about his nation’s future

Nordic business culture, Eastern passion and hospitality, Western zeal for technological leadership, and unique experience doing business with Russia, Ukraine, and other Commonwealth of Independent States member countries make Lithuania a small giant at a European crossroads.

On May 5, the Republic of Lithuania's prime minister, Andrius Kubilius, will speak to the MIT Sloan community about his country, its economy, and its vision of being Northern Europe's innovation hub. As the fastest growing economy in the European Union, Lithuania is committed to growing its technological leadership and universities, encouraging foreign investment, developing its infrastructure, and creating the modern financial and legal frameworks for the years ahead.

With its notable location and the fastest growing economy in European Union, Lithuania strives for excellence in knowledge, industry, and value creation. To support this vision, it is developing infrastructure, creating clusters, and reorganizing institutes, as well as creating the modern financial and legal framework needed to foster innovative economy.

In addition to serving as Lithuani's prime minister, Kubilius also serves as Chairman of Policy for the Knowledge Economy Forum and is a member of the International Advisory Board for Baltic Development. He has written two books: Why Basketball is More Fascinating than Politics in Lithuania and The Conservative Community. Kubilius, a graduate of Vilnius State University, has won numerous awards for his contributions to Lithuania.

This event is open to the general public and will be held 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. in room E51-335. Sponsors include MIT Sloan, Mobile Technology Club (MoMIT), and Student Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID).