Lauding leadership

MIT Sloan’s Cindy Hill is honored with an MIT Excellence Award for her work on E62

Published: February 18, 2011

HillCindy Hill, MIT Sloan’s director of capital projects

MIT is honoring Cindy Hill, MIT Sloan’s director of capital projects, for her successful efforts to make E62 the most energy-efficient building on the MIT campus. Hill will receive a 2011 MIT Excellence Award for Greening MIT.

While construction of the building lasted for three years, Hill has been managing the project for the last 13 years.

“Through her decade-plus leadership for the project to conceive of and construct E62, Cindy led a team the School’s faculty and staff through a thoughtful process that took into account the needs of our entire community and, importantly, the environmental needs of MIT. She did this with a commitment, drive, and passion that serve as inspiration to the School. This honor is a perfect testament to Cindy’s extraordinary contribution to our School and our Institute,” says John C Head III Dean David Schmittlein.

Hill was involved in the program study that determined the School’s needs for a new building and helped determine which of MIT Sloan’s priorities would be met by the new building. She helped choose the architect, Moore Rubell Yudell, managed the construction budget, and worked closely with MIT facilities to make sure the building was delivered on time and under budget.

“Cindy played a large role in making this a ‘green’ building, constantly advocating and seeking solutions which enhance the building’s environmental impact. These included multiple features, such as the green roof, which, without her, would not have happened, the solar panels, and the insulation system,” Paul Asquith, the Gordon Y Billard Professor in Finance, wrote in nominating Hill for the award.

Since MIT Sloan’s new building opened this past fall, E62 has been praised by the MIT Sloan community for its usability and livability. The building will be LEED certified. Among the features that make this building so sustainable are:

  • a building envelope that is designed to be highly insulated and airtight;
  • an HVAC system that utilizes chilled beams and radiant panels to regulate temperature;
  • an integrated lighting system that provides dimming of office lights and shade control in response to occupancy and daylight conditions;
  • extensive bicycle parking;
  • photovoltaic panels on the uppermost roof; and
  • a flexible design of faculty offices and classrooms that can be redesigned when appropriate for the foreseeable future of 100 years.

Hill has called E62 “the heart of MIT Sloan.”

“It gives students a home. This is where you will find the most people at any time during the day. There are many places to just sit and talk or quietly study. In the same way we want faculty bumping into each other, we want students to have that opportunity, too. There are lots of ways they can study, collaborate, and network (in E62),” Hill says.

Hill has worked at MIT Sloan for 25 years, with roles in the MBA program and Educational Services prior to joining Capital Projects.

The MIT Excellence Awards honor staff members who fulfill the goals, values, and mission of the Institute through their extraordinary work at MIT. This year 19 individuals and three teams are being honored. President Susan Hockfield will preside over the awards ceremony, which is open to the community, March 1 at 3 p.m. in Kresge Auditorium.