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15th annual MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition

L to R: Derick McGee, student, MIT Sloan School of Management; Elliot Lum, MBA '05; Ariane Martins, MIT Media Lab staff; Mary Farbood, MIT Media Arts and Sciences; Prof. Tod Machover, MIT Media Lab; Hsulin Peng, MBA '05; Kevin Jennings, Trinity College, Dublin.

Hyperscore Named Runner-up in MIT $50K

Cambridge, Mass. — Hyperscore was named runner-up at the 15th annual MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition, held at MIT on May 12, 2004. The grand prize winner was Active Joint Brace and the LiquidPiston team was also named a runner-up. The winner receives $30,000 and the runners-up receive $10,000 each. MIT's competition has launched more than 80 companies, with more than 1600 employees and over $4 billion in value. Hyperscore is developing software to compose music by drawing on a computer screen.

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