Celebrating 100 Years of Management Education at MIT

MIT Sloan commemorates the centennial of Course 15 with gatherings around the world

April 4, 2014

Course 15

This year, MIT Sloan celebrates 100 years of Course 15, management education at MIT, with celebrations around the world and on campus. The anniversary of the course, which was established at MIT in 1914 and grew to become the MIT Sloan School of Management, provides the MIT Sloan community an opportunity to reflect on its rich history—including such milestones as: the founding of system dynamics as a field of study; the development of the Modigliani-Miller theorem, the Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing model, and Little’s Law; the launch of hundreds of companies; and many other notable advances and inventions. It is also a chance to look forward to the next century, says Dean David Schmittlein: “Celebrating this centennial provides us with an opportunity to look back with pride and to celebrate our extraordinary community. Just as importantly, this is a time to recommit to our School. We have a responsibility to carry our legacy of innovation, discovery, and excellence into the future.”

The founding of Course 15 under MIT president Richard Cockburn Maclaurin helped to fulfill MIT founder William Barton Rogers’s original vision for the Institute, which he described as “a school of industrial science,” that would aid “the advancement, development, and practical application of science in connection with arts, agriculture, manufactures, and commerce.” From the outset, Rogers imagined an MIT education that included commerce, and that integrated liberal arts with professional education. This interplay between commerce and science remains a hallmark of life at MIT and MIT Sloan today.

In marking the Course 15 centennial, Dean Schmittlein has traveled around the world to meet with groups of alumni, talking about the highlights of the School’s past and sharing the latest news from campus. The School has also produced a commemorative book, MIT Sloan: Celebrating the Past, Inventing the Future and an interactive online timeline of the past hundred years.

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to an anniversary party and toast in E62 on Wednesday, April 9, the founding date of Course 15. Dean Schmittlein will hold a special presentation on Course 15’s history and future for all students on April 30 at the Boston Marriott Cambridge.

For more information, visit the Course 15 centennial website.