Top 10 stories from MIT Sloan News

Groundbreaking health care finance research, orientation week photos, and a new scholarship for MBA students drew interest in 2013-2014.

June 20, 2014

School’s out for summer. Take a look back at the ten most popular news items at MIT Sloan in the 2013-2014 academic year.

1. Finance professor Andrew Lo proposed a hedge fund approach to increasing investment in drug development.

2. The Zamir Telecom fellowship was created to aid students from emerging markets who plan to pursue technology careers.

3. Senior Lecturer Bill Aulet explained how entrepreneurship can be taught, and why it works at MIT.

4. MIT Hacking Medicine, a student group dedicated to fixing health care’s biggest problems, held a series of breakthrough hackathons.

5. The school hosted a 40th anniversary celebration of the Nobel Prize-winning Black-Scholes-Merton options pricing model.

6. MIT Leaders for Global Operations student Willow Primack sought understanding and support for transgender students at MIT.

7. Roche CEO Severin Schwan shared five keys to successful innovation in medicine.

8. Nobel Prize-winning finance professor Robert Merton reflected on his career at MIT Sloan and on the options pricing model that brought him fame.

9. The MBA Class of 2015 arrived on campus for orientation week.

10. Adjunct Associate Professor Zeynep Ton discussed The Good Jobs Strategy, arguing that what’s good for employees can also be good for employers.