MIT Sloan Facts and Figures

This section includes major Facts and Figures from MIT Sloan’s Portfolio of Programs. For more information about individual programs, click on the links below each program chart.

Deans of the School

David C. Schmittlein 2007–present
Richard L. Schmalensee 1998–2007
Glen L. Urban 1993–1998
Lester C. Thurow 1987–1993
Abraham J. Siegel 1980–1987
William F. Pounds 1966–1980
Howard W. Johnson 1959–1966
Edward Pennell Brooks 1951–1959


Faculty composition for AY 2013-14
Tenured 78
Non-tenured 32
Total 110
Women faculty 22 (20% of total)

Faculty Honors Past and Present:

  • 3 Nobel Laureates
  • 10 Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 4 Members of the National Academy of Engineering
  • 2 Members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 1 National Medal of Science
  • 1 National Medal of Technology

Faculty Website
Faculty Expertise Guide

Alumni Network

  • MIT Sloan has more than 22,000 alumni, residing in 90 countries. Sloan alumni are part of a larger MIT alumni network of 120,000.
  • Of the total MIT Sloan alumni population, one quarter lives outside of the U.S. More alumni live in Japan than in any other country outside of the U.S. More than one-third of the alumni population lives in Massachusetts, New York, or California.
  • More than 650 companies have been founded by MIT Sloan alumni.
  • If the active companies founded by MIT graduates formed an independent nation, their revenues would make that nation at least the seventeenth-largest economy in the world.

Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Alumni Website

Financial Resources

Endowment Market Values

  • June 30, 2013 Value: $678,813,054

Academic Degree Programs

MBA Program

Degree received MBA or SM
Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) MBA and SM dual degree
Data includes LGO Program

MBA Profile for Class Entering AY 2013–14 AY 2012–13
Applications 4529 4133
Enrollment 406 413
Women 34% 33%
Underrepresented Minority 10% 7.5%
U.S. Citizens 55% 59%
Non-U.S. Citizens 45% 41%

Top hiring industries after graduation: Consulting, Finance, Software, Retail

MBA Base Salary by Top Industry Class of 2013
Industry % Mean Median Range
Consulting 31.9 128,715 135,000 81,000-150,000
Finance 16.3 114,854 110,000 65,000-165,000
Software/Internet 12.2 118,292 115,000 100,000-135,000
Retail 10.1 113,577 115,000 100,000-130,000
Overall average $119,639

MBA Employment Profile Class of 2013
No. %*
Seeking employment 309 79.2*
Timing of job offers:
     At graduation 86.4
     3 months after graduation 92.2
Timing of job acceptances:
     At graduation 80.1
     3 months after graduation 87.4
Total graduates 390

*Percentage of all graduates

Global Engagement:

  • Action Learning for Innovative Leaders: Global Entrepreneurship Lab; Sustainability Lab; China-Lab; India-Lab
  • Projects in 17 countries in 2012; 75% of 2012 graduates took an Action Learning Lab course
  • International Engagements with leading business schools include: Skolkovo, Moscow; Tsinghua SEM, Beijing; Fudan University and Shanghai Jia Tong University, Shanghai; Taiwan-Epoch Foundation (Exec. Ed.); Yunnan University, Kunming; China; Indian School of Business, Hyderabad; HEC, Paris; SKK, So. Korea; Vale Technological Institute, Brazil; Sabanci University, Turkey; Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

Program Websites:

MBA Program
Leaders for Global Operations
Career Development Office
Action Learning
International Engagements

Ph.D. Program

PhD Profile for Class Entering AY 2014-15
Applications 588
Enrollment 20
Women 8
Underrepresented Minority 1
U.S. Citizens 40%
Non-U.S. Citizens 60%
PhD Program Website

Undergraduate Program in Management Science

Degree received: SB

Undergraduate Major Profile AY 2013-14 Graduates
Graduating Majors (Mgt Sci) 53
Women 43%
Underrepresented Minority 32%
U.S. Citizens 90%
Non-U.S. Citizens 10%

Undergraduate Program in Management Science Website

Sloan Fellows

Degree received: MBA or SM

Sloan Fellows Class Profile AY 2014-15
Applications N/A
Enrollment 118
Women 22%
Underrepresented Minority 4%
U.S. Citizens 23%
Non-U.S. Citizens 77%

Sloan Fellows Program Website

Master of Finance (MFin)

Degree received: MS

MFin Class Profile AY 2014-15*
Applications 1,569
Enrollment 115
Women 40%
Underrepresented Minority 1
U.S. Citizens & Perm. Res. 17%
Non-U.S. Citizens 83%

*as of July 1, 2014

M.Fin. Program Website

Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS)

Degree received: MS

MSMS Class Profile AY 2014-15
Applications 145
Enrollment 33
Women 30%
Underrepresented Minority 0%
U.S. Citizens 0%
Non-U.S. Citizens 100%

MSMS Program Website

Executive MBA

Degree received: MBA

EMBA Class Profile AY 2011–12
Applications 292
Enrollment 70
Women 27%
Underrepresented Minority 9%
U.S. Citizens 84%
Non-U.S. Citizens 16%

Executive MBA Website

Executive Education

Certificates offered:

  • Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation
  • Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership
  • Executive Certificate in Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management
  • Advanced Certificate for Executives (ACE)
Executive Education Program Profile AY 2011–12
Number of programs 50+/year
Number of custom programs 24
Number of open-enrollment programs 30
Number of participants 5000+/year
Age range of participants 28-60
Average work experience 10-30
Number of participants Varies by program

Executive Education Program Website

Guide to Terms

Underrepresented minority: African American, Hispanic American, Native American
N/A: Not Currently Available