In Depth: The Future of Energy

Wind turbines Photo: As the world grapples with an energy crisis, wind turbines like these could increasingly dot the landscape. Fueling hope for wind-power advocates, a new study conducted by the MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment finds wind power can be a productive replacement for oil- and coal-fired power plants during winter.

May 2006

The CEO of one of the most powerful energy conglomerates in the world warns that global warming might be not just a threat but actually irreversible. The president of MIT considers the situation critical enough that she declares that the Institute has a responsibility to develop new, environmentally benign energy innovations.

Such is the setting as MIT Sloan weighs the future of energy. The prognosis today looks bleak: energy prices are at record levels; global warming, once hotly debated, seems inevitable. But leaders such as BP CEO Lord John Browne and MIT President Susan Hockfield have injected new energy and new hope into the mission to slash carbon emissions, revolutionize energy technology, and secure a bright future for energy and the global environment.

  • BP CEO Lord John Browne: Integrates energy, business, and environmental strategy
    One of the world's most passionate and articulate spokesmen on the perils of global warming is an unlikely activist. But Lord John Browne, group chief executive of BP, believes it is his role as a corporate leader — the corporate leader of one of the world's most powerful energy conglomerates — to make the problem understood. By the industries that produce energy and by the consumers who use it. More >>
  • Looking for Solutions: MIT center works to shape the future of energy
    The MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, and its subset Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, contend that the existing fossil-based energy system carries escalating costs, financial and environmental, including global climate change. It is taking a lead role in producing high-quality, empirically grounded economic analysis of corporate and public policy issues related to energy. More >>
  • MIT's Efforts: Collaborations are delivering an energy revolution
    When Susan Hockfield assumed the MIT presidency last year, she immediately raised the bar on energy problem-solving. With the establishment of the MIT Energy Research Council, she launched her mandate for producing energy solutions on a fast track. More >>
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