MIT Sloan announces recipients of Aker Scholarship

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 2, 2016 – The MIT Sloan School of Management recently announced this year’s recipients of the Aker Scholarship, a grant for Norwegian students pursuing an advanced degree. The Scholarship was awarded to Karoline Skatteboe, a native of Baerum and student in MIT Sloan’s Master of Business Analytics Program, and Håkon Blakar, a native of Lillehammer and student in the MIT Sloan’s Master of Finance Program (MFin)

“The Aker Scholarship directly aligns with MIT Sloan’s mission to improve the world, and we could not be more pleased to have Skatteboe and Blakar at MIT. Their experience here provides both the academic rigor and principled learning environment that will enable them to deliver on the Aker mission of contributing to society,” says Heidi Pickett, director of the MFin Program.

“MIT Sloan represents excellence and innovation, and I have always aspired to be part of this community. I came here to learn more about data analytics from world-class professors, industry leaders, and classmates,” says Skatteboe. “The intersection between technology and business is fascinating and I want to use my knowledge to integrate data analytics and technology in many new industries in Norway."

Blakar notes, “I came to MIT Sloan’s MFin Program for its rigorous quantitative focus and unique learning environment that attracts students from all over the world.  It’s exciting to study at MIT Sloan, where so many impactful financial theories originated. This is the birthplace of finance."

Prior to coming to MIT Sloan, Skatteboe worked as a software developer/intern at Bekk Consulting and MESAN/UNICEF in Oslo, Norway. She holds an undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University.

Blakar previously worked as an intern at SEB, FSN Capital, and McKinsey in Oslo, Norway. He also served as a volunteer intern at Ashoka, a network of social entrepreneurs creating large-scale impact through innovation. Through Ashoka’s Youth Venture India Program, he focused on building an ecosystem to support youth as changemakers in India. Blakar earned his undergraduate degree from the Norwegian School of Economics.

MIT is one of the selected few universities to receive the Aker Scholarship. The purpose of the Aker Scholarship is to offer highly-qualified candidates, with a strong link to Norway, an opportunity to pursue an advanced degree at one of the world´s leading universities, and to support the development of the scholar’s social commitment. The scholarship supplements any other funding to cover the full cost of study and living expenses. Aker Scholarship grants are financed by Anne Grete Eidsvig and Kjell Inge Røkke´s Foundation for Education.

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