Additional Participant Endorsements

“Excellent program. Congratulations to all involved on a job well done.”
- Carlos Ortiz, General Counsel, Goya Foods, Inc.

“Every public sector manager needs to attend this program before their next contract negotiation.”
- Frank Montes de Oca, Jr., Fire Chief and Deputy Director, Osceola County (FL) Department of Emergency Services

“We had agreed with management to do IBB, but I felt hopeless about it – it seemed so academic and ‘nice’ – how could it work with our frayed relationship. This workshop gave me a context and hope for an agreement.”
- Alda Melo, Union Representative, SEIU Local 20-20

“Program promotes the type of bargaining that both management and labor can benefit from to achieve a viable agreement.”
- Angel Barajas, Executive Director, Labor Relations, Paramount Pictures

“Strategic bargaining represents a leap forward which is analogous to going from candles to incandescent light. The PON faculty deserves commendation for providing illumination to an often-time dimly lit process.”
- Ted Schott, Captain, Airline Pilots Association

“Terrific opportunity to gain new perspectives on collective bargaining across many industries.”
- Alan Andrus, Manager, Labor Relations, Parsons Corporation

“An excellent foundation for people/teams interested in changing the work relationship and, hopefully, the workplace culture.”
- Lynn Adler, Training Director, Illinois Education Association

“Presenters were extremely knowledgeable and made this a very smooth and enjoyable experience.”
- Marc Armbrecht, Skilled Trades Bargaining, Ford/ACH-LLC

“Without a doubt, this program could be the catalyst that changes labor negotiation for the benefit of all parties.”
- Brad H. Lovik, Senior Manager, Quality, The Boeing Company

“A wonderful, eye-opening voyage to the other side of the negotiating table.”
- Shon Foreman, President, AFGE/C33, Local 0922

“This seminar will assist even the most experienced negotiator to break the old mold and consider new approaches to bargaining.”
- Keith Flagg, Operations Manager, Federal Marine Terminals, Inc.