• MIT Sloan Latin America Office

    In 2013, MIT Sloan established its first physical presence outside the United States in Santiago, Chile. The mission of the MIT Sloan Latin America Office (MSLAO) is to develop and nurture meaningful activities throughout Latin America that benefit the region, the School, and the Institute, and support the creation and transfer of knowledge and the advancement of management education and practice. 

    From its location in the heart of Santiago’s thriving business district, the MSLAO is ideally positioned to promote MIT Sloan programs to potential students and facilitate enhanced research and corporate outreach in the area. It supports activities focused on energy and sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship, and productivity and growth. It also serves as a regional hub for MIT faculty, alumni, and visiting students. 

    For more information, please contact MSLAO director Lee Ullmann.

  • Leading and Learning
  • The myriad of MSLAO initiatives to date has had a significant impact on the School's goals of knowledge creation, regional awareness, and action learning.

    • Facilitate Knowledge Creation: By supporting more research, teaching, and knowledge-sharing opportunities between MIT Sloan faculty and academic institutions in Latin America, the MSLAO is helping to expand the School's reputation as a leader in international management.
    • Increase Regional Awareness: Through its physical presence in Latin America, the MSLAO is creating valuable connections with area alumni and establishing avenues for potential partnerships between MIT Sloan and local businesses. 
    • Assist Admissions: The MSLAO is augmenting the School's admissions goals by connecting the School to qualified Latin American candidates and making these candidates aware of MIT Sloan's diverse portfolio of degree programs. 
    • Enhance Action Learning: By leveraging connections with corporations and alumni in the Latin America region, the MSLAO is expanding the depth and breadth of MIT Sloan's signature action learning programs.
    • Strengthen the Alumni Network: The MSLAO is increasing the connection between MIT Sloan alumni and the School through its involvement with local alumni clubs, co-sponsoring club events, and leveraging local faculty visits to engage and motivate local alumni.
  • Advisory Council
  • News
  • Can socially conscious investing save the world’s fisheries? 

    MIT Sloan Newsroom
    January 4, 2016

    MBA student and Chilean native Javier Fuentes is helping design detailed blueprints to address fisheries management. Fuentes interned at New York-based investment management firm Encourage Capital last summer where he studied fisheries in Chile and helped write “Investing for Sustainable Global Fisheries.” The blueprints propose strategies for generating financial returns and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

  • Arnoldo Hax Receives Award from the Chilean Institute of Engineers

    Latin America Office Honorary Council Member Arnoldo Hax has received the Ramón Salas Edwards Award from the Chilean Institute of Engineers for his book The Delta Model. The award is given once every three years for the most outstanding scientific or technological research contribution related to the engineering field. The award will be presented on October 29th, 2015 in Santiago Chile. We congratulate Arnoldo on this achievement.

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