A partial list of our recent PhD graduates, along with their current affiliation and the title of their dissertation:

Hari S. Abhyankar, SVP, Business Insights and Analytics at Universal McCann
Inventory Control for High-Technology Capital Equipment Firms

Hasan Arslan, Suffolk University
Two Essays in Commonality

Opher Baron, University of Toronto
Pricing and Admission Control for Shared Computer Services Using the Token Bucket Mechanism

Damian Beil, University of Michigan
Two Topics in Online Auctions

Gary Burchill, Ceo at 2is Inc
Concept Engineering: An Investigation of Time vs. Market Orientation in Product Concept Design

René A. Caldentey, New-York University and Universidad de Chile
Analyzing the Make-to-Stock Queue in the Supply Chain and e-Business Settings

Felipe Caro, UCLA
Dynamic Retail Assortment Models with Demand Learning for Seasonal Consumer Goods.

Amit Dhadwal, McKinsey & Co.
Risk Management and Pricing in Emerging Markets for Bandwidth

Juan-Carlos O. Ferrer, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Pricing Bundles of Products and Services in the High-Tech Industry

Nitin Joglekar, Boston University
The Technology Treadmill: Managing Product Performance and Production Ramp Up in Fast-Paced Industries

Hongmin Li, University of Arizona
Essays on Supply Chain Contracting and Tactical Decisions for Inter-generational Product Transitions

Maureen Lojo, California State University
Contracting for High-Technology Industrial Services

Susana Mondschein, lecturer, Yale School of Management
Optimal Sales Strategies in Stochastic, Dynamic Environments

Geoffrey Parker, Tulane University

Paulo Rocha e Oliveira, University of Navarra
Service delivery and learning in automated interfaces

Ariel Schilkrut, Bain & Co.
Managing Customer Relationship Channels through Pricing and Service Quality

Tor Schoenmeyr, First Solar
Strategic Inventory Placement in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains: Three Essays.

Brian Tomlin, Dartmouth College
Supply Chain Design: Capacity, Flexibility and Wholesale Price Strategies

Sean Willems, Boston University and Optiant, Inc.
Two Papers in Supply Chain Design: Supply Chain Configuration and Part Selection in Multigeneration Products