General Info/ Directions


The location of the registration is on the first floor of E51 (Tang Building, 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge) (the building marked in red).

The registration desk will be open between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on Sunday, June 28, Monday, June 29 and Tuesday, June 30.

Breakfast will take place each day at the same location as the registration.

Locations of Events



  • The opening and welcome take place at the Wong Auditorium, first floor of building E51
  • The program sessions are on first and third floor of E51
  • The lunch-time plenary session and the MSOM Fellows plenary session will take place in Wong Auditorium
  • Reception, Dinner and Business Meeting, Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston. Please refer to Special Events Directions/Info (PDF)


  • The program sessions are on first and third floor of building E51
  • The poster session will take place on the third floor of E51
  • The lunch-time plenary session will take place in Wong Auditorium

Logistics for program sessions

The chair for each session is the last speaker. Each speaker has a maximum of 30 minutes in which to set up their presentation, present their work, and answer questions, time permitting. It is the responsibility of the session chair to maintain this schedule. To the extent possible, each speaker should arrive to their session 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the session so that the speakers can setup and review the schedule for the session.

There will be a projector in all of the classrooms used for sessions. We ask each speaker to bring their presentation on their own laptop and on a memory stick. We have a few Windows-based computers as back-up but will not necessarily have one per room. If these arrangements create a hardship or problem, please let the program committee know.

Receptions and Dinners

Special Events Directions/Info (PDF) for information on the receptions and dinners for Sunday and Monday evenings. Please note that you need a ticket to attend these, and that the tickets are provided at registration on a request only basis.

Information for the lunches and the lunch-time plenaries

We will have box lunches available at 11:15 (Monday) and 11:30 (Tuesday). We cannot bring food or drink into Wong Auditorium. Thus, we ask that you grab a lunch and eat it before proceeding to the plenary session. We will start the plenary sessions promptly at 12 noon on Monday and at 12:15 PM on Tuesday.

There should be plenty of space throughout and around E51 to enjoy your box lunch!


MIT cannot provide parking. You can park though at the Marriott Kendall hotel (it will cost about $20/day) or try to find parking on the street (Memorial Drive and surrounding locations).

Internet connection

Instructions are provided in your registration packet for wireless connection to internet.

Printable map

Download a printable map (PDF)