• MIT Sloan Network

    There is a rich variety of employment opportunities available to MIT Sloan PhD graduates.

    When it comes to beginning a job search, there are numerous resources at your disposal. Faculty are a source of valuable guidance. They are well acquainted with the programs and reputations of schools around the globe and can provide insight and points of contact.

    Academic conferences provide forums for PhDs to display their ideas and talents. They are also an opportunity to network with faculty and students from other programs.

    Recommendations from previous MIT Sloan graduates working at schools around the globe can also help you determine whether a school is right for you.

    While PhDs are not guaranteed employment, prospects are extremely good for any number of attractive academic positions at prestigious institutions around the world.

  • The minute I declared my interest in robots in professional organizations at MIT Sloan was the minute that I ignited a deep and powerful network of people and research opportunities. I'm really only limited by my own curiosity.

    Matt Beane, PhD in Management candidate, Information Technologies