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Kristine Dery is an Academic Research Fellow with MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR). She also teaches in the Executive Education program at MIT Sloan.

Kristine is the Professor of Work, Technology and Innovation, and Associate Dean, Curriculum and Learning-Post-experience at Macquarie Business School. She leads the strategic development and delivery of all post graduate programs for executives with business experience looking to upskill or transition to new roles. These courses include: MBA, GMBA, Master of Applied Finance, and a suite of Executive Education open and bespoke programs including micro-credentials.

Kristine’s current research explores what it takes for large companies to transform their workforce to be relevant in a digital world. Together with colleagues at MIT CISR, Kristine has recently published a framework that helps firms understand the degree to which their workforce is future-ready. Kristine’s previous research has explored the employee experience in the context of Agile Ways of Working, Virtual Connectivity, and also what it takes to attract and retain the talent with the digital skills to successfully deliver on the challenges of new digital business models. She works closely with research colleagues both at MIT CISR and Macquarie Business School to ensure that her research is integrated into the broader context of digital transformation.

Kristine’s expertise has a particular focus on the employee experience but both her research and her teaching are developed in the context of digital transformation more broadly including: strategic data management, customer-obsessed digital transformations, architecting the digital business model, and designing businesses for innovation. She not only delivers rigorous and relevant content but applies more agile ways of working in the classroom. This ensures that participants not only have insights into the challenges of the digital world but also how to work differently to meet those challenges. Her experience in understanding the needs of audiences and designing bespoke learning sessions to meet those needs have been widely appreciated by executive audiences in both face-to-face and virtual contexts.