First week in Israel was a blast!

Israel’s Size = A Blessing in Disguise

Learning Galore


Second week started!

3 things I’m hoping to get out of my 3 weeks in Israel

Mediterranean/semi-arid weekend!

One Week In: Laboratories, Strategy Meetings, and Lots of Coffee

Week 1

Pre-departure Blog Post

Thanks for making a dream come true, TLV!

First Week in Israel

Week 1 Recap

1st week in Israel

What Are the Odds? Building Probabilistic and Statistical Muscles

1st week in Tel-Aviv

Keep Calm, SAP is Coming

Be careful about taking photos!!

Prepping for my second Visit to Israel

Founding the MIT Sloan Investing Series, a Joint Stock Pitch and Private Equity Competition at MIT Sloan

Celebrating Women of Sloan: Lydia Li

Staying Your Course

First impressions!

An Adventure to Israel

Excited about the Start-up nation

Top 3

Ready to fly out

My first blog ever

A Taste of Start-up Nation – Part 1

Error: open cargo door

A cheating pre-departure blog

Ready to take off↗︎↗︎

Israel, I am 12 hours away!

Pre-travel blog

Ya Habibi Tel Aviv

Starting 2019 in Israel: Startup Nation

Israel – New Adventure

Before arriving in Israel

Pre-travel blog: Israel in January

Reflections of a Former Round 2 MBA Applicant

Pre-Travel Blog – First time to Israel!

Counting Down to Israel Lab Onsite

Israel, here we go!


Before my first trip to Israel…

The Master of Finance Program: A Transformative Experience

A Guide on How to Get Prepared for the Master of Finance Experience

A Day in the Life of a Master of Finance (MFin) Student at MIT Sloan

Pursuing a Business Analytics Certificate as a Liberal Arts Grad

Gene Test Post

The Glee of Back-to-back Meetings

Why Sales Skills Shouldn’t Be Optional for MBAs

A Sloanie’s LGBTQ Experience

This Is Just The Beginning

Mens et Manus and Blockchain Startup @ MIT Sloan, part 2 #epicsummer

Following in the footsteps of a trailblazer, Leslie Clift Hruby

The Sloan Empowerment

Organizing the Israel Trek

MFin Asia Study Tour: The Role of Asia in Global Financial Markets

MIT Sloan and Private Equity Case Competitions, a Repeated Success Story