Author: Lizvoeller


Beyond the strategy and customer-related considerations I have mentioned in past posts, there is something bigger to wrestle with when it comes to initiating a business in a new country. First and foremost, what is our–“our” being the MIT Tata Center team–role? Surely, things will be done in partnership with … Read more 

Back to where the technology was developed

Conical chimneys protrude from the fields, billowing black plumes into the sky. Red brick, everywhere. Half built structures along the road. Red piles scattered across the landscape. Atop horse-drawn carts, piled precariously on tractors, and stacked along the road.

Our final stop of this trip, we go to where it all began: to the … Read more 

A Prospect

Six hours across the smooth and bumpy highway. Past goat herds, wind farms, and plenty of coal smoke. From Mundra to Ahmedabad (pronounced Ahm-Da-Vad), we made our way to the largest city in Gujarat state for our next round of meetings.
At People In Centre, we were greeted by the iconic … Read more 

An Entrepreneurial Lens

Shaking hands around the table we sit down. Silence. Then Mr. Venkat asks: “So, what is your billion dollar solution?”

We started our first week in India strong.

Settled into Mumbai, we spent our first morning at the Tata Trusts with one Mr. Venkat, Executive Trustee of the Tata Trusts and former right-hand-man of … Read more 

MIT Collaboration

What I love about MIT is the possibility for innovation through collaboration. When the incredible minds, teams, and influencers from across this multifaceted institution work together… the result is powerful.
That’s exactly what this project is, a compilation of many efforts across campus.

My India Lab team and I are working … Read more