Author: Phillipgara

Final Days looking back at India Lab

In both on-site work and travel throughout India, I am reminded of some material I had been reading and watching prior to leaving. On the last days of the trip visiting Mumbai and finishing work, the works collide.

The sources that inform the adventure were:
1)   Katherine Boo’s … Read more 

Traveling in India

After a first week on the ground in Noida and Delhi the team hit the road to learn about Indian culture, and do research at a different speed.

Our preferred method of travel was trains and “took tooks” – India’s motorized scooter vehicles – not only because they … Read more 

Exploring India’s Economy 2.0

Our team arrived in Noida, a boom city on the outskirts of of Delhi, greeted by a mix of high tech steel and glass and chaotic bustling markets.

Nothing captured this contrast better than our host company One97, creators of the rapidly growing eCommerce and mobile wallet platform PayTM. … Read more