Week 2

The second week in China has flown by and I am now on my way back to Boston. During the past week, my team had the opportunity to meet with and present to ALOG’s Executive President, Franz Pu, as well as other executives at ALOG. Delivering our interim presentation and sharing our research and results with ALOG’s team was a great experience. It affirmed that our team was on the right track with the project and also allowed us to learn more about the company and think about its goals more holistically, and how our project fit into the bigger picture. It also made me realize just how difficult scoping a consulting project can be, however, and how it can be so easy to lose focus on one major task at hand when you identify other issues/areas that need to be explored.

On a more personal level, I felt that I really got to know my Lingnan colleagues even better this past week. As an all female team, we ended up discussing gender roles quite a bit, including the struggle for work/life balance and the differing societal expectations placed on women. It was nice to be able to connect on issues like these, to learn about each other’s commonalities, and to embrace each others differences. I think that our being able to work with one another in person has strengthened our relationship and will make working together remotely more smoothly. We now understand each others quirks and expressions, and have developed a strong rapport. Here is a team pic from our last night together.

team pic

Over the past week, I also had a chance to see more of the sites in Guangzhou. I ended up visiting one of the oldest mosques in China, Huaisheng Mosque and one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Guangzhou, the Guangxiao Temple.



I also took a Pearl River Cruise and visited various sites at Lotus Hill with fellow Sloanies. Here are a few photographs of my travels.


guadaCliffs at Lotus Hill

Boat Cruise

I am looking forward to welcoming my colleagues from Lingnan to Boston in late April and showing them around town!

Sahar Dar

Sahar is a first-year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management. A native of the Midwest, she comes to Sloan after 7+ years working in Chicago, first as a corporate M&A attorney, and then as a law school administrator and adjunct professor. While at her law firm, Sahar established and ran a pro bono program for domestic violence victims, which she later expanded to a citywide legal clinic that she directed for two years. Sahar received her JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School with a certificate in Business & Public Policy from The Wharton School. She also holds a BA in International Studies, Psychology, and Economics, from Case Western Reserve University. At Sloan, Sahar serves as a Vice President of the Real Estate Club, the Travel & Hospitality Club, and the Net Impact Club, and is also on both Sloan Senate and the Graduate Student Council. She is passionate about community service, and enjoys reading historical fiction novels, playing board games, travel, movies, acrylic painting, and Sudoku puzzles.


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