MIT Sloan Fellows Class of 2016

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MIT Sloan Fellows class of 2016 candidates. Readers are welcome to leave relevant comments at the bottom of the individual blogpost.

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The Fellows-Led Speaker Series

The Organizing Team with Desh Deshpande
The market is more powerful than you. Your customers are more powerful than you. The sum of all partners and competitors—the ecosystem—is more powerful than you. With these comments, Geoffrey Moore, the author of Crossing the Chasm, has emphasized on an outside-in, market-centric perspective … Read more 

Setting the focus and writing a thesis in the Sloan Fellows program

I would like to share my experience in finding a focus for my Sloan studies and deciding to write a thesis.  The decision to write a thesis was not an easy one, nor was the process for doing it, and I would like to take you through my journey to … Read more 

So what happens over 12 months at MIT? This……………………..

Prior to coming to the MIT Sloan School of Management I had just completed a restructure in a large government agency. The restructure was designed to apply resources more effectively and increase the knowledge capacity of the organization to better deal with future risks.
For the last 12 months in … Read more 

67 Days of Action Learning with EMC


MIT Leadership Lab EMC Alok Singh

Action Learning at MIT Sloan is an established process to apply academic learning to real business challenges. I too enrolled for one of the labs under this process – the Leadership Lab (L-Lab) – during the Fall and IAP (Independent Activities Period).
L-Lab helped me reflect on leadership challenges of … Read more 

Me at a hackathon?

If a year ago someone told me that I would be attending a hackathon at the MIT Media Lab and having fun with it, I would have given them a million reasons why this would “never work”.  For one, it’s been years since I’ve written any lines of code … Read more 

And suddenly it’s March!!!

There is a bit of mania in the air. The Fellows have realized this is their final semester at MIT. That has caused panic on two fronts (and yes, I’m being facetious):
1.       How are you possibly going to fit in all of the electives you wanted to take into the … Read more 

A great experience in learning through L-LAB

Leading Sustainable Systems Lab (L-LAB) is one of MIT Sloan’s Action Learning programs, where students can learn through practices in real business situations.
L-LAB is focused on skill development to lead change in global business sustainability.
I wanted to achieve two things through L-LAB: developing leadership skills from hands-on experience and learning … Read more 

10 Buzzwords of the Fall Term

With MIT Sloan Fellow Alum and Former CEO of Ford & Boeing, Alan Mulally at Wong Auditorium on Nov 17, 2015
The traditional SF Survival Party was organized on August 25. We celebrated the end of the first term at America’s oldest tavern, Bell in Hand. The gratification from our … Read more 

Embracing The MIT Culture

So your partner did get the call you both were refreshing the mail box for. Your dream is transitioning to reality through those teary eyes full of joy. After 5 minutes of elation and hugs and few pinches, the idea of an academic year sets in. MIT calling, family needed … Read more 

Unintended Consequences


I am writing this blog on my winter vacation, sitting by a fireplace at the Bretton Woods ski resort in New Hampshire, with two days to go until the end of the year.  Just ten months ago I made the decision to take the leap of faith: go on a one-year sabbatical … Read more 

Sloan Fellow – Fall Semester Experience


Sitting on a train travelling to New York City may seem like a strange place to be writing a blog about the Fall Semester in the Sloan Fellows Program at MIT. Yet, it is somewhat reflective of the journey of my Sloan Fellows Program experience thus far.
Like trains the … Read more 

Faster, Higher, Stronger: 3 Cheers for the Fellows at Sloan Olympics

The MIT Sloan Fellows program’s second term – the fall term –has been all about building 3 pillars of innovation, global perspective, and leadership on the foundation laid in the first term.
To that end, a flurry of events has kept everyone’s schedule packed. But the one event that everyone … Read more