MIT Sloan Fellows Class of 2017

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MIT Sloan Fellows class of 2017 candidates. Readers are welcome to leave relevant comments at the bottom of the individual blogpost.

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Three months post graduation

Now, almost three months post graduation and three months into my new role and career here in Singapore, it is fitting to take a few moments to think about how the year on the MIT Sloan Fellows Program impacted the lives of my family and I.
From a family perspective, my … Read more 

The home stretch…

The January IAP period was tremendous in its breadth of learning opportunities. I undertook two electives with the EMBA cohort, built on a startup that I was working on during the Fall Semester, and also took one of the more eclectic courses that is available at Sloan, called Speeches, Shakespeare and Leadership … Read more 

Fall – Finding your Focus


Summer was quick to come and go and I sit here now approaching the middle of the fall semester, trying to evaluate the journey thus far.
The one thing that has perhaps most surprised me is the opportunity to connect with industry. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised – after all, it … Read more 

Enjoying the Spin@MIT

What is the ROI of your decision? a colleague asked, and I said infinite!
If you want to eventually return to Pakistan, why not just change your job, why spend a fortune at MIT? a friend suggested, and I smiled….”you won’t understand’.
You should be thinking about the future of your … Read more 

Is it madness?

A good friend once told me that the three most stressful times in a person’s life occur when they move countries, change their job or have a child. Managing two of the three at the same time is doable albeit not advisable. But doing all three at the same time…well, … Read more