Is it madness?

A good friend once told me that the three most stressful times in a person’s life occur when they move countries, change their job or have a child. Managing two of the three at the same time is doable albeit not advisable. But doing all three at the same time…well, that’s just madness.

And yet here I am, 10 weeks into the Sloan Fellows Program, having left Hong Kong and my job in the Asian equity markets and with my wife and I expecting our first child in November. Is it madness?

It might well be, at least for most people.

It seems that my personal circumstances are not very different to many others here on the Program and in some cases are perhaps even simple in comparison. So, what gives? It so happens that the Sloan Fellows are an interesting lot… Far from homogenous in almost every other regard, there are however some overriding commonalities – people that are striving to learn more, are willing to reflect on their journey thus far and are looking to make a more significant impact on the world around them.

That will mean different things to different people – some may be looking at how to reform agricultural markets in developing nations, others are interested in understanding how to manage complex organisations efficiently whilst others yet will be looking at building their personal leadership signatures.

Personally, I am focused on looking at future developments in finance. I am spoiled for choice in some regard and navigating the labyrinth of networks and centres of expertise here has been eye-opening. Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts? Down the road at MIT Media-Lab. Mobile payments experts? Right in the Sloan building. Supply chain management and finance? Operations experts on hand. The list goes on.

There is no definitive path for each individual and it’s fair to say that there is an onus on each Fellow to get the most they can out of the experience. However, what is clear is that there is a lot of talent to learn from – whether the faculty or the cohort itself.

Sheinal Bhuralal

I have spent the majority of my career in finance and banking with the last 10-plus years dedicated to the Asian equity markets. During this time, I served as Country Head of Indonesia for one of the most well respected institutions in Asian Equities and was on the board of the local entity. I previously held a variety of roles in equity sales, credit, risk and corporate banking. I’m currently working with a great team on a business idea that we hope can really make a strong social impact and fills a much needed gap in the small and medium sized business funding space whilst helping to improve employee well-being.


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