The home stretch…

The January IAP period was tremendous in its breadth of learning opportunities. I undertook two electives with the EMBA cohort, built on a startup that I was working on during the Fall Semester, and also took one of the more eclectic courses that is available at Sloan, called Speeches, Shakespeare and Leadership (a really impactful course I might add). I also had the opportunity to engage with the Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) which supports entrepreneurial activity at MIT, take sessions on entrepreneurial tax issues and participate in a number of conferences at MIT and off-campus.


With IAP over and the Spring semester upon us, there is a palpable sense of ‘what next?’ as Fellows’ thoughts turn to the future. Many will be returning to the same companies that sponsored them on the program, often in new, and in some cases as yet to be determined, roles, whilst others are looking at regaining gainful employment in the US and abroad in both private and public sector roles. Others still are planning to venture out on their own or with other members of the MIT community to launch their own startups.


Almost universally, the Program and the MIT calling card have proven to be incredibly powerful in opening doors, building links with businesses and academia and in bolstering us to be better versions of ourselves. The experience has led me to think a great deal more about corporate culture, the values that a business holds and the impact that I hope to make going forward. What is important to you? How will you add to a specific organisation or cause? How can you bring others to the table?


I’ve just moved closer to campus in order to see my wife and son more as I know that I have a challenging several months ahead with courses and MIT projects already filling up my schedule, only to be compounded by several personal projects that I am working on. I’m certainly excited by the opportunities that await and in particular looking forward to our trips to DC and to San Francisco as part of the program. If New York was anything to go by, it promises to be an invaluable experience, meeting policy makers, for profit and not-for-profit businesses and innovation leaders.

Sheinal Bhuralal

I have spent the majority of my career in finance and banking with the last 10-plus years dedicated to the Asian equity markets. During this time, I served as Country Head of Indonesia for one of the most well respected institutions in Asian Equities and was on the board of the local entity. I previously held a variety of roles in equity sales, credit, risk and corporate banking. I’m currently working with a great team on a business idea that we hope can really make a strong social impact and fills a much needed gap in the small and medium sized business funding space whilst helping to improve employee well-being.


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