Three months post graduation

Now, almost three months post graduation and three months into my new role and career here in Singapore, it is fitting to take a few moments to think about how the year on the MIT Sloan Fellows Program impacted the lives of my family and I.

From a family perspective, my MIT year was made all the memorable with the birth of our first son. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier with the help and support we received on the medical front and from other Fellows.

There is no doubt in my mind that the year was transformational for the opportunities it opened up – from analytics to blockchain to investments. But beyond that, I genuinely feel as though I’ve learned more about myself and how to be an even more effective person. I say person as I want to highlight that this isn’t just about being a better leader. It’s about being a better colleague, friend, husband and father. That is a bold statement to make – but I think it is likely to be a sentiment shared by at least some of my SF colleagues.

I find myself thinking much more about culture, organisational dynamics and strategic growth. I also find that I use the frameworks developed in certain classes extensively – both for decision making and communications. As just a small sample of these: I thought I heard all too much about the Three Lenses approach to organisations as taught by Deborah Ancona and yet think about this often now. Zeynap Ton helped me think much deeper about the bridging of service excellence and good jobs in Management of Services. Decision making frameworks –  and learning from the vividly told experiences of guests in Peter Kurzina’s classes, Managing in Adversity and Corporations at the Crossroads – were invaluable. The exposure to new technologies and in particular blockchain, courtesy of  Simon Johnson, have opened up new opportunities.

That is not to say that the Program can be all things to all people, nor is it perfect. I don’t think it can and I  don’t think it is. But for those willing to take it on with an open mind, the opportunity for learning and development is an opportunity that is hard to pass up.

The obvious advantages of the network are not to be downplayed either (thank you to my Singapore Fellows for making me welcome here). I have found myself regularly reaching out to my classmates for council, suggestions and connections. They have never failed to make time for me.

Thank you to all those that made this a special year. The program office, Simon Johnson, the faculty and most of all, my fellow Fellows.

Sheinal Bhuralal

I have spent the majority of my career in finance and banking with the last 10-plus years dedicated to the Asian equity markets. During this time, I served as Country Head of Indonesia for one of the most well respected institutions in Asian Equities and was on the board of the local entity. I previously held a variety of roles in equity sales, credit, risk and corporate banking. I’m currently working with a great team on a business idea that we hope can really make a strong social impact and fills a much needed gap in the small and medium sized business funding space whilst helping to improve employee well-being.


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