G-Lab 2015

Follow along as this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Lab students blog about their project experiences!

G-Lab students are working with host companies in 11 countries across the globe, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Serbia, South Africa, and Vietnam.

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Thoughts on the Colombian Adventure


With our G-LAB adventure behind us and the last semester of classes ramping up and getting us busy already, I can’t help but remember that I was holding meetings in the heart of Bogota’s business district and holding meetings and workshops in Spanish just over two weeks ago.
It seems a … Read more 

Final Reflections on Colombia and Conexia


Bittersweet is the only way to describe it. While I’m excited to see my friends, speak English, and sleep in my own bed, I still sorely miss Colombia and my Conexia family.
As I reflect on my experience there are 3 key things that stand out:
Colombian People
Colombians are an incredibly humble, … Read more 

Turning Theory into Practice: Becoming a Better Leader in Brazil


The Final Week
My friends from last year used to say, “don’t underestimate G-Lab, it can be a lot of work”. I shrugged off their comments. They were right. The final week our team was firing on all cylinders, we were working long hours, gathering data, constructing whiteboards covered in … Read more 

Back Home and Reflecting on Indonesia

After 33 days of travel, I am finally back home from G-lab… sort of.  Yet another Boston storm has derailed my travel, so I’m stuck in JFK until tomorrow.  The past week of post-G-Lab vacation and 40+ hours of travel have given me lots of time to reflect on all … Read more 

Unforgettable Vietnam

At 3 am the CX driver arrived at our dormitory to give me and Vrajesh a ride for the last time. It was dark, warm, and humid as we entered his familiar vehicle. We had come to know this driver over our time in Vietnam, and now he was taking … Read more 

Reflections on Vietnam and CX Technology

Sitting here in Cambridge looking out the window at almost two feet of fresh snow, it already seems like Vietnam and its 90-degree weather is worlds away. Now that we’ve been back for about a week, I’ve had a chance to think back on our three weeks on-site and come … Read more 

A retrospective review of my MIT GLAB Experience

On September 4 2014, Prof Simon Johnson walked into E51-345 at 1pm and kicked off the renowned MIT GLAB Action Learning Program for the Class of 2015. GLAB is one of the key reasons why I chose to pursue my MBA at MIT Sloan, so this was a long awaited … Read more 

Week 4: Reflecting on our impact at Piktochart


After 3 weeks working with Piktochart in Penang, Malaysia, I feel I couldn’t have been luckier — I worked with a fantastic team of Sloanies, for a wonderful and growing host company, in a really cool city. At the beginning of our final week, Piktochart’s CTO, Chao, shared the company’s newly defined values, … Read more 

Final Thoughts from an Extra Week

Last week was a race to put the finishing touches on the deck for Scanntech’s leadership. As happens with most things, time flew, and before we knew it Friday afternoon was upon us for giving the presentation.  Interestingly enough, the problem was not coming up with material: we had 60 … Read more 

Saving Face

Week three of G-Lab in the books! We gave our final presentation on Friday, said our goodbyes to the folks at CX Technology, and headed off for one last weekend in sunny Vietnam before heading back to snowy Boston.
The last week on-site gave some interesting insights into the way business … Read more 

Mandela: Brash Humility


Before our trip to Johannesburg, I’m sad to say that my most memorable forays into South African history had been led by Morgan Freeman in “Invictus” and Idris Elba in “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” Just to be clear, I enjoyed both movies and I definitely recommend them if you … Read more 

We came, we saw, we gave recommendations

Our time in Penang has flown by and it’s hard to believe that we have given our final recommendations, said our goodbyes, and left the Piktochart team to return to Sloan. Prior to our final presentation, we spent time vetting our ideas and recommendations with the appropriate “heads” at Piktochart … Read more