Week 4: Reflecting on our impact at Piktochart

After 3 weeks working with Piktochart in Penang, Malaysia, I feel I couldn’t have been luckier — I worked with a fantastic team of Sloanies, for a wonderful and growing host company, in a really cool city. At the beginning of our final week, Piktochart’s CTO, Chao, shared the company’s newly defined values, which can be summarized with the acronym HOPEFUL (humble, open, passion, effective, fun-loving, user-focused, love) — these values could not be more perfectly aligned with those at Sloan, which is perhaps why we got along with the team so well!

In our final week, we consolidated and refined our solutions, working closely with the product development, customer delight and marketing teams. Over half of the office attended our final presentation and asked many thoughtful questions — a testament to Piktochart’s openness and their investment in our work; indeed, our final recommendations will be incorporated into the company’s product roadmap and marketing strategy for 2015.

I am very proud of the work we did, and as I reflect, it is clear that much of our success was in large part due to our experiences at Sloan:

  • Practical coursework. Throughout our project, we applied the concepts we’ve learned in Course 15 — particularly, comms, OP, statistics, industrial econ — with the benefit of having an outside perspective, to generate insights that the company hadn’t considered before. For example, we built a model (which even the quant-jock undergrads might be impressed by) to segment Piktochart’s customers and help them understand which customers were generating disproportionate revenues.
  • Incredible, diverse network. We heavily leveraged our extended Sloan network (not only our peers and professors, but also SO’s and former employers!) to better understand key issues related to our project. These individuals were incredibly generous with their time, and their perspectives significantly informed our recommendations.
  • Kick-ass team. I was lucky to work with a talented, balanced, and fun team that represented the best of Sloan, combining (i) data-driven insights with some good old fashioned common-sense; (ii) action-orientation with pausing to make sure we still had the big picture in mind; (iii) confidence  with humility.

Finally, I could not finish my blog without showcasing Piktochart’s amazing product, which we had a lot of fun working with. Here’s summary of our travels in an infographic:

Southeast Asia - Jan 2015


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