G-Lab 2017

Follow along as MIT Sloan Global Entrepreneurship Lab students blog about their onsite project experiences!

G-Lab students are working with host companies in 13 countries across the globe, including Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Spain and Thailand.

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Home, sweet home.

It’s almost been a week since returning to the US from Ghana. When I stepped off the plane, I breathed a sigh of relief. Logan Airport was comfortable, familiar. It had all the overpriced restaurants that I’ve been used to seeing at airports. Hello, Starbucks.
The difference from Accra’s Kotoka … Read more 

Traveling along Ghana’s coast

While it seems just like yesterday that we were first driving along the dusty streets of Accra and being confused about what to buy at the grocery store (our jetlagged first grocery trip yielded an unhelpful mix of yogurt, pasta sauce, and cereal), I leave today. I’m not quire sure … Read more 

Final Countdown in Sao Paulo


Sitting at the Sao Paulo GRU international airport, I am about to board the airline back to Boston. I am very excited that we have successfully delivered a satisfactory final presentation to our host company, but I am also sad that we have to separate from each other and Sao … Read more 

Week 2: Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Team Samba Tech!

Hello from Team Samba Tech in Belo Horizonte, Brazil! We’re wrapping up our second week at Samba Tech and we could not have asked for a better experience thus far. For anyone wondering whether or not GLAB is right for them, please do yourself a favor and do it. Yes, you … Read more 

Wrapping up in Thailand!

We have just completed our final week here at PTT and our time has passed much quicker than any of us had expected. This week has been a fitting end to our stay here, keeping us busy with final presentations, dinners and deliverables.
On the professional front, we began the week … Read more 

Business in Ghana

Time to hit the road! This past week, our team hopped into our host company’s branded cars, and visited a number of potential customers to learn more about their fleet and tire management processes, and to test potential market acceptance of Ghanaian-manufactured tires.
Based on conversations we had with Ghanaians prior … Read more 

Week 2 in Sao Paulo


The second week has passed with a blink of eyes, and we are glad that our project has finally shown sign of completion despite the huge scope. This week was equally very exciting and lots of activities have happened along the way. Besides the daily lunch sessions with our supervisors, … Read more 

Week 2 at PTT, Bangkok

We just finished our second week here at PTT, Bangkok and it was as eventful as the last. At work, we continued to meet and learn from senior personnel at the corporation. This week we had the chance to meet the Head of Infrastructure, who reports to the CEO of … Read more 

Crunch Time! The No. 1 Lesson I Learned in G-Lab

We’re essentially done with our on site work as part of our G-Lab assignment in Santiago, Chile. It’s been a really cool experience overall. Beyond the nice weather (not looking forward to getting back to freezing Boston…), I can honestly say that Chileans are warm, welcoming and down-to-earth people who … Read more 

First Steps in South America: Chile

It’s been a wonderful time so far in Chile for Team ABCD – we realized soon after forming our G-Lab team that our initials are the first four letters of the alphabet. We also discovered that we’re three lefties and a rightie – quite the unusual mix and the source … Read more 

One week in Sao Paulo


It has been a week in this sunny city in the heart of Brazil. We are having a great time traveling around this new city and new continent, and also are enjoying our work and project with our host company – Grupo Cimcorp! Our journey started off not so fluently … Read more 

Working Hard, Playing Hard

The past two weeks have been incredible. The hospitality shown to us by the Piktochart folks that took us out to our first dinner in Penang was not the exception, but the norm, at our host company. Whether it’s the CEO making herself available to answer our questions and hear … Read more