G-Lab 2018

Follow along as MIT Sloan Global Entrepreneurship Lab students blog about their onsite project experiences!

G-Lab students are working with host companies in 14 countries across the globe, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, the Philippines, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

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Week One with Sukanda Djaya

Sukanda Djaya Delivery Truck
Week One at Sukanda Djaya has been such an educational experience. The company is giving us access to many parts of its operations including its production facilities, its warehouses, and even its customers. Our team has been trying to figure out which digitization opportunity Sukanda should … Read more 

Week Uno in Chile: Welcome to #Sloantiago

We made it!  After a few minor travel delays, we all arrived in Santiago ready to take on Chile and help drive financial inclusion with Destacame, our host for the next few weeks.  Destacame started a few years ago by three Sloanies (MBA ‘14) with the mission of helping people … Read more 

No Time For Siesta in Sevilla

The first week in Sevilla has been incredible. This city is alive with culture, history and spirit. With a cathedral and plaza at every corner it’s hard to not take hours to walk from point A to point B when it should take you 15 minutes. Monday, January 8th was … Read more 

First days at Go-Food

The first few days at Go-Jek have been a whirlwind of introductions, meetings, and logistics. Yeti, our company contact, was gifted a new Yeti brand tumbler from us, which she loved, and a hefty branded paperweight from the G-Lab faculty, which she also loved.
Our team received temporary employee badges, “topped … Read more 

Boots on the Ground in Buenos Aires

The Conexia offices are near the central business district. We’re a short walk from a lovely park abutted by the president’s pink-painted palace, the original Spanish colonial headquarters and the eponymous cathedral of the metro stop below our building. While we’ve been successful in shaving minutes off our commute each … Read more 

We’re Making Ice Cream Hot


We’ve finally landed in Jakarta. My team is excited to be working with Sukanda Djaya, the largest refrigerated food distributor in Indonesia. Sukanda is the distribution arm of PT Diamond, which started as an ice cream manufacturer. Throughout last semester, we spent time getting to know the team here in … Read more 

Latitude Adjustment

Team Conexia is reticent to continue the tradition of hackneyed blog post titles, but with a polar vortex currently swirling above Boston we feel obligated to acknowledge our fortuitously timed sojourn to sunny Buenos Aires. Trading our coats and scarves for swimsuits and SPF, this team of four spent our … Read more 

A Warm Welcome to Spain

Today our final G-Lab team member flew into Seville, Spain. With our team assembled, we are ready to meet our host company. For the past semester, our team of four designers, engineers, and business students have been Skyping and chatting over Slack with Glamping Hub, an outdoor accommodation … Read more 

Argentina Bound

Next weekend our team will have the unique opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires for our G-Lab project with Megatlon, a chain of high-end gyms based in Argentina.
Over the past few months, our team has worked diligently on researching the fitness industry, and expansion opportunities for our host company. Data … Read more 

Jakarta, a prequel

As Boston sets into a deep freeze, and Niagara Falls begins to show signs of completely icing over, our team is arriving in Jakarta, and prepping for our first day at Go-Food.  Three weeks in Indonesia at a simmering eighty-five Fahrenheit–as difficult as it might be to remember to … Read more 

Destination: Unicorn Tower

Working with Go-Jek’s Go-Food team this semester has been something like that of a colorful fairy tale.  And the time has finally come to turn this fantastical experience into a reality.  A few weeks before school broke for holidays, I caught up with a friend’s brother who had previously spent … Read more 

The Adventure Before the Adventure

On December 29th 2017, I bid my family a heartfelt goodbye as I left my home in Toronto, Canada to Madrid, Spain. Our team’s G-Lab assignment is going to be in Seville, Spain but like everyone else in the class I was going to make the most of our month … Read more