Israel Lab 2017

Follow along as MIT Sloan Israel Lab students blog about their onsite project experiences during January 2017!

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Freightos Video

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Post-travel reflection

The three-week onsite work for Revelator refreshed my understanding of start-up.
As a newly graduated student having accumulated little work experience and desperately to make some contributions. I had a very diversified internships, tapping into financial industries like investment banking, private equity, quant securities research, government institutions. Through the short intern … Read more 

Post Travel Reflection with Video

Looking back the time in Israel and Jordan, the experience I had professionally and culturally was so rich and unforgettable.
The startup nation that ScaleME, the host company, showed, the coexistence of different religions and ethnicity in a small country, sunset riding on camel, milky way in the sky of desert, … Read more 

Final Reflection

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we left Freightos. As the semester began to ramp up, we are still busy wrapping up the final deliverables for Israel lab. This has been an amazing experience overall, working with Freightos has not only added to my knowledge about freight industries, but opened … Read more 

Israel Onsite Final Reflection – Team GroupTo

It has been more than a week since we finish our project in Israel. This will be our last piece of blog but we wish to have more adventures and experience with the MIT Action Learning Lab.
Fiona Xu: “Israel has both been a cultural and professional rewarding experience for me. … Read more 

Final Reflections on Israel Lab Experience

Israel is a special place. I knew this before traveling there and even before taking the Israel lab course. In fact, my motivation for taking the course was to learn more about the culture and the “secret sauce” that makes it a start-up nation, as it is often touted. I … Read more 

Last Week Onsite – Team GroupTo

I  am going to capture our last week in Israel –  work, presentation, fun and leaving Israel.
Since the CEO of our company and her wife were leaving on Wednesday for their wedding in Brazil, our work week was shortened to three days and we have decided to give the presentation … Read more 

Final Week before Next Journey in Jordan

Finally, I was coming to the end of my 3-week project. Everything was right on track and the final presentation on last day went very well. They said we did the great job and gave us lots of compliment. From the class, I learnt that Israelis are very direct, so … Read more 

Post Travel Reflections

It’s been almost two weeks since I finished at ElMindA, and 6 days since I left Israel. We have uploaded our final deliverables and attended our last debrief. Our poster session is next week, and after that we are finished!
My weeks in Israel were less of a culture shock than … Read more 

Reflection on my 3-week experience in Israel (with video)

It was an exceptional 3-week experience in Israel doing project with a fast growing startup with no prior experience in entrepreneurship, no experience in Israel and know only few Hebrew words (from the class). But this is all I want. Try something totally new ans learn as much as I … Read more 

What I learned from the course

Now when we are putting finishing touches on our project’s poster, I believe it is a good time to reflect a little bit on what I personally learned from two months of the remote research and three weeks of the on-site work that constitute the Israel Lab course.
First of all, I gained … Read more 

The End: Post-Travel Reflections

Three weeks in Israel was so amazing, and this would be one of the most memorable experiences for me.
The project went very well all along of those three weeks until the last day of presentation. The presentation went well with the cozy and friendly environment. Irish, a nice key person … Read more