Week 1- Our cat visitor- a peek into Israeli Culture

The first week, we’ve met with our client and learned more about the project- Our client is trying to provide a market place in between artists and investors so that the whole registration, as well as distribution, could be much easier for musicians; and for fans they will be able to engage with their favourite artists on another level- invest in their future career.

Before we get started on the work, we have encountered the first challenge of our project- it appeared that our expectation to the Airbnb is quite different from our client. Culture difference is definitely one of the reasons causing the misunderstanding- four of us are from Asian countries with indirect communication style, and it’s a bit difficult for us to be super straightforward. Soon, we’ve learned that it’s best to communicate with Israelis super directly- so we talked with our client about changing the place, and it all worked out!

I’ve actually learned this lesson from an encounter with a cat in our first Airbnb. I always love cats, but this visitor has a very different communication style from cats back home- Instead of being super cute and attract human beings to approach, our cat visitor literally knock the door and walk right in like a queen.

Well, lesson learned- we need to adjust communication style according to the local culture, and here in Israel, being direct is the best.

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