MBA Class of 2015

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2015 candidates. Relevant comments and topic suggestions are welcome from all readers. 

A week in the life of a second-year MBA student

Myth: Once you know what you’re doing after graduation, the second year of an MBA is one long vacation.
Fact: There’s too much to do at Sloan to sleep away the days, and all that “free time” quickly gets filled. As a case in point I give you exhibit A, a week … Read more 

Boston Students Make a Splash at Dublin’s Web Summit


Eleven MIT Sloan MBAs were selected as part of Web Summit’s MBA Scholars Program, of which ten are pictured. (Image courtesy of Takuya Takizume)
Nearly two dozen graduate and undergraduate students from Boston area universities participated in the Web Summit’s MBA and Student Scholars Program, including representatives … Read more 

Happy Veterans Day from Sloan

As the world observes the Centennial of “The Great War,” it’s a fitting time to take a moment and think about the significance of Veterans Day, a day of observance that has its direct roots in the conclusion of that painful conflict.  It’s a day where each of us can … Read more 

SIPping on the American Dream

Well, that was that.
My final SIP (Sloan Innovation Period) was an amazing experience. I participated in the Living the Dream: Re-envisioning the American Dream for the Next Generation course taught by Prof. Tom Kochan. Over the three days we learned about the evolving wage and productivity gap, researched different variations of … Read more 

MIT Grad Life – Enjoying all that MIT has to Offer

Being a student again has its perks, and at MIT, that means access to amazing events on campus, for free or heavily subsidized.  Every week we get a newsletter from the MIT Graduate Student Council with social, educational, and professional events that are open to all graduate students.  It’s … Read more 

Recap: MIT Sloan Diversity Weekend (with video)!

Traditional African Outfits for the Fashion Show
On October 2-3, MIT Sloan hosted some 60 prospective students for Diversity Weekend so that they could become more acquainted with life at our school. Diversity Weekend was an action-packed, two-day event aimed at celebrating the variety of cultures, perspectives, and experiences that Sloan … Read more 

MBA Mastery: The Art Of Balancing Focus and Exploration

Area Four tchotchkes

I was standing in line at Area Four, one of the best cafes near MIT, when I noticed a shelf of tchotchkes above the register area, full of what seemed to be randomly acquired memories and keepsakes. A rough wooden carving of New Hampshire, with the state motto written, all-caps … Read more 

Green, Verde, πράσινο


My father used to tell me that one of the truest tests of character is to be sincerely happy for the success of someone close to you.  I have always tried to live by this maxim.
I don’t know why, but I am, like, super envious of people who can speak more … Read more 

A Productive and Insightful Summer at NerdWallet

Every week this summer I set out to write a Sloan and HKS blog post. And every week, I failed. Miserably. My excuse? I loved my summer internship. I arrived at work early (~7am) because I was excited about the work I was doing and I left work late (~10pm) because I … Read more 

Looking Forward to 2nd Year

In two short days our second year at Sloan will commence.  I am excited to get back on campus and start a new semester, and reflective about how much has changed over the past year.  Last year at this time, I was moving into my new apartment and equal parts … Read more 

Siloed, Value-Added, MBA Toolkits

I pretty much love everything about B-School.  The people, the professors, the work, etc etc.  Except for some of the buzzwords that, especially if you are going into consulting, you pretty much hear every day and you might as well get them tattooed on your forehead so as to spare … Read more 

Dispatch From Seattle: Summer At The Gates Foundation

Whenever people ask me what I want to do with my life (which, let me warn you, happens all too frequently when you’re in grad school), I have the same general elevator pitch that I’ve used for years: “I want to build public-private partnerships to address natural resource management problems.” … Read more