MBA Class of 2015

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2015 candidates. Relevant comments and topic suggestions are welcome from all readers. 

Married But Available: Confessions of a Sloan Wife


I have known that I would marry John since I was 14. We met in our fourth grade orchestra in a small town outside of Seattle, Washington when I made fun of him for being so short (a whole head shorter than me). We came from very different backgrounds but … Read more 

Back to School… Sort of

It’s hard to believe, but it is my last semester of school! This realization is a bittersweet one (as I’m sure it is for many) – I couldn’t be happier about my post-graduation plans (Finance in SF), but my experience at Sloan has been so incredible that I can’t imagine … Read more 

How To Get the Most Out of IAP

Tea at MIT Tatte Bakery

During the month of January at MIT, we celebrate the freedom of choice and individuality with Independent Activities Period (IAP), a time where students and MIT community members can “organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of activities, including how-to sessions, forums, athletic endeavors, lecture series, films, … Read more 

Cross-Registering at HKS: Adaptive Leadership

One of the benefits of attending MIT Sloan is the ability to cross-register at other MIT departments and/or Harvard. One of the courses that’s most sought out is taught at Harvard Kennedy School. It is called “Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change” taught by either Prof. Ronald Heifetz or one … Read more 

Follow my G-Lab Blog!

I’m writing this post from Jakarta, where I just started my 3 weeks of on-site G-Lab work.
G-Lab is short for Global Entrepreneurship Lab, which is a famed course for 2nd years at MIT Sloan.  It entails an academic course in the fall of 2nd year, followed by an on-site project to … Read more 

What Policing Can Teach Us About Unconscious Bias


A lot of my friends on Facebook have been posting about Ferguson over the past week. My instinct has been to think I don’t have that much to add beyond what’s already been said more eloquently by others. I’ve also been nervous about adding my voice to the mix. I’m … Read more 

MIT Sloan’s LGBT Fellowship Opportunity


It’s been a little over a month since a group of  Sloanies, including the two of us,  flew across the country to SF. We were converging with many of our LGBT MBA counterparts for the Reaching Out MBA Conference (ROMBA). Like last year’s get-together in New Orleans, this ROMBA was … Read more 

Going (coming) Home For (After) Thanksgiving

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an unabashed and unapologetic homer for Seattle, my hometown. I wear my love for Seattle like the patches on Russell Wilson’s jersey.  No one will ever convince me that Seattle is not the best city in the world.  It doesn’t rain nearly … Read more 

2014 Sales Competition & Conference – It’s a Wrap!

After almost a full year of planning, the 2014 Sales Competition and Conference is a wrap!  On November 14th and 15th, 30 students from the top MBA programs came to Cambridge to participate in the event.  We had 12 accomplished sales professionals as our judges; 5 senior sales professionals … Read more 

A week in the life of a second-year MBA student

Myth: Once you know what you’re doing after graduation, the second year of an MBA is one long vacation.
Fact: There’s too much to do at Sloan to sleep away the days, and all that “free time” quickly gets filled. As a case in point I give you exhibit A, a week … Read more 

Boston Students Make a Splash at Dublin’s Web Summit


Eleven MIT Sloan MBAs were selected as part of Web Summit’s MBA Scholars Program, of which ten are pictured. (Image courtesy of Takuya Takizume)
Nearly two dozen graduate and undergraduate students from Boston area universities participated in the Web Summit’s MBA and Student Scholars Program, including representatives … Read more 

Happy Veterans Day from Sloan

As the world observes the Centennial of “The Great War,” it’s a fitting time to take a moment and think about the significance of Veterans Day, a day of observance that has its direct roots in the conclusion of that painful conflict.  It’s a day where each of us can … Read more