Diversity Days: The Perfect Way for Applicants to Meet Sloanies

Prospective students at the MIT Trust Center for Entrepreneurship

Prospective students at the MIT Trust Center for Entrepreneurship during MIT Sloan’s Diversity Days

MIT Sloan hosted its annual Diversity Days on September 29th and 30th. The programming for Diversity Days is designed by Admissions Office in collaboration with the Hispanic Business Club, Black Business Student Association, and Africa Business Club to encourage prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds to visit campus and learn about the uniqueness of the MIT Sloan MBA program. It’s the biggest event for interaction between diverse applicants and Sloanies on campus and the best

This year, 42 prospective students from across the country attended the two-day event. The energy was uplifting from the start! We began and closed the events with happy hours that allowed our new friends to ask Sloanies the tough questions. From ‘do you have time outside of your class and recruiting schedule,’ to ‘what are you doing after Sloan,’ ‘what are your favorite classes,’ and finally ‘can I make it at Sloan without a quant background?’ (The answer to the latter is simply “yes.” Sloan can be a great place for all the poets of the business world). Several Sloanies hosted prospective students overnight at their homes to give them a sense of what our lives are outside the Sloan community.

The two-day event was filled with opportunities for applicants to get to know the Sloan community. The following are the four that stood out to me:

1. Opening Dinner and Closing Reception

This is always one of my favorite events because I get to meet a few member of the incoming class. I met prospective students with interests in CPG, investments, education, energy, and of course Google. All very accomplished and thoughtful individuals. Let’s just say, I don’t envy the work of admissions this year.

2. C-function

In true Sloan fashion, the group headed to Muddy’s Pub for the Japanese C-function after wrapping up the welcome reception. C-functions are bi-weekly social events organized by student clubs and a staple of the MIT Sloan experience. Without it, the prospectives would not have gotten the essence of the program.

3. Mock Lecture by Ben Shields, Lecturer in Managerial Communications

The group of prospective students attended a mock lecturer by Ben Shields, whose Social Media Management course receives some of highest reviews by Sloanies. Ben offered them a genuine glimpse into the daily classroom experience, minus the case prep work and assignments.

4. Saturday Brunch Outing

BBSA, ABC, and HBC hosted an informal Saturday brunch outing for all the men and women who remained in the Boston area after the formal events and had enough steam to keep going. This was the perfect way to close an eventful two days. Several prospectives took the down time to ask for last minute advice on essays, recommendations, and interviews.

As a current student, I, too, gained from participating in the events. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago I was in the shoes of the applicant. I recall the feeling of eagerness, excitement, and uncertainty during the application process. By talking about my journey throughout the week, I realize how much I have grown in the past year and how Sloan has impacted my professional and personal development. I am more confident, aware of my strengths and weaknesses, disciplined and focused on my goals, and willing to take on more risks.

To all the prospective students who are reading this and attended Diversity Days, it was a pleasure showing you everything Sloan has to offer. Enjoy the journey that comes with learning about the schools you visit and thinking about your future. Best wishes, and I hope to see you at AdMIT Weekend.

Prospectives mingling with Sloanies at the end of Diversity Days

Prospectives mingling with Sloanies at the end of Diversity Days

Katherine Curiel

Katherine Curiel is a Mexican-American, first-generation MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. A former investment analyst at a large asset management firm, she is passionate about clean energy investing and learning about the impact ESG issues have on portfolio returns. At Sloan, she is co-President of the Hispanic Business Club. In addition to the Sloan MBA, Katherine is currently pursuing a master in urban planning from Harvard University. Outside of school, she enjoys running, traveling, and hopes to learn to cook (well) by the time she graduates.



  1. What a great prospective event! I’d love to know if there will be one next year and how to apply! Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Katherine Curiel

    Hi Jose M – Yes, Diversity Days is an annual event for prospective students. It’s usually at the beginning of the Fall semester. The best way to learn about any Admissions Event, including Diversity Days, is to stay up to date with the online calendar. This event is typically added to the calendar in the summer and includes a link to the application. We would love to see you there in 2017!!

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