Author: Jonathan Lovett

Jonathan Lovett

Jonathan Lovett is an MBA Candidate in the MIT Sloan Class of 2018. A former Research & Development engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jonathan is interested in learning about sustainable development and innovation in large corporations. Outside of the classroom, Jonathan enjoys traveling, running and using his engineering background to improve family recipes.


Is Sloan Diverse Enough?

Source: Instagram (@unitedcolorsofsloan)
As the president of the Black Business Student Association (BBSA), I’ve been asked this question a few times:
Is Sloan (or other top business school programs)  “diverse/inclusive enough”? 
I honestly don’t think there’s a yes or no answer to this question.  
I think the better question is “Is everyone’s Sloan … Read more 

YOSO: You Only Sloan Once

My Sloan experience is 25% complete, which is both exciting and terrifying.  There’s so much to explore beyond core and I’m excited to do it but I know I can’t do it all. #priorities #fomo
This past semester has been unlike anything I could have expected.  First, who knew business could … Read more 

Business school is about telling your story

“Tell an interesting story to your partner. You have 30 seconds!”
I fumbled through my thoughts and tried to find some story worth telling. After mentally blocking the idea of rambling about watching cat videos, I told an interesting story about my time as a pharmacy technician intern at a local hospital. … Read more 

A day in the life during Core.

A few thoughts went through my head as I finished my first week at Sloan.
1. Wow! This is amazing! I want to do everything and meet everyone!
2. Wow! If I don’t sleep next week, I can do at least 50% of the things I want to do.
3. I’ve got to … Read more 

What I wish I knew while applying

Hello prospective Sloanies! If you are reading this post, I feel it is safe to assume that you are either:
A) thinking of applying to MIT Sloan.
B) in the process of applying to MIT Sloan.
Coming from a non-traditional background for an MBA student (i.e. non-consulting/non-banking),  I relied on my mentors, Google and … Read more