If I had one word to describe my experience so far at MIT Sloan, it would be limitless.

Going through the admissions process, I thought I had a good feel for what business school was like. I spoke to many (some would say too many) current and former MIT Sloan students about their experiences, peppering them with questions on everything from the school’s culture and learning environment to the class trips and events.

So, coming into business school, my expectations were VERY high (and I mean VERY VERY high, as in ”best experience of your life” multiplied by 10 high). Being a MIT Sloan student has shattered all of them. From the casual interactions with my fellow students to the numerous professional opportunities, every aspect of my Sloan experience has been more amazing than I could have ever imagined. While I could go on for hundreds of pages about why I use the word “limitless,” for the sake of brevity (and because admissions told me to keep it short) I will only focus on one: my fellow students.

The biggest reason I chose Sloan was the people. Every time I interact with a Sloanie (future, current or past), it fells familiar – like high school friends who hadn’t seen each other in a few years, but were now reunited and back to their old tricks and jokes. And it’s been my fellow students that have been the biggest driver of my personal and professional growth. Just on my core team, there are people who’ve built successful startups, who’ve worked with local governments in South America, developed energy projects in Asia or built pipelines to bring water to remote villages in Africa. Every day I am with them, I learn something new about different industries and countries, and I can learn so much more from the 800+ other brilliant people that are walking around and always willing to sit down and share their most valuable resource – their time – with me. Sloanies’ willingness to help a fellow student is limitless, how much they know is limitless, and how much they can have fun is limitless.

When people ask me why I sign up for so many clubs and Sloan activities, I always answer that it’s because of the people, and how much I love being around them. The hardest thing to do at MIT Sloan is to choose how you spend the 24 hours you have in your day, because the possibilities for learning, growth and fun are limitless. Good luck with your applications, hope to see you at an event soon.

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