What I wish I knew while applying

Hello prospective Sloanies! If you are reading this post, I feel it is safe to assume that you are either:

A) thinking of applying to MIT Sloan.


B) in the process of applying to MIT Sloan.

Coming from a non-traditional background for an MBA student (i.e. non-consulting/non-banking),  I relied on my mentors, Google and blind intuition during the application process.  However, I’d like to share what went well during my process so you can use it for yours.

1. Find and use every (free) MBA application prep resource available

Applying to Sloan isn’t easy – particularly when your only resource is yourself.  Luckily there is a wealth of information available to MBA applicants about how to go through the process.  Looking back, the most valuable resources I used were free and relevant to Sloan itself (e.g. talks with admissions and current students, visiting campus, reading the MBA blogs).  However, paid resources like GMAT/GRE courses were also helpful because of the structure and expertise they provided.

Best resources: Current students and alumni, the Admissions team, Campus visits, your friends/family

2. Planning the process is critical

While I was applying, I went through a management change, relocation to a different state and monthly business trips where 80 hour weeks were the norm.  While I hope your work schedule is less demanding, setting a schedule will only benefit your application process.

The best advice I received was to create an application schedule based on the deadline and compare it to how busy I’d be with work, family and friends.  Though I missed a few happy hours, I was able to keep a degree of sanity by knowing when I’d be busy and managing my schedule accordingly.

3. The process is tough, but you’ll be a better you because of it. 

By the time I hit submit, I had spent 5 months assessing my goals and aspirations and exploring my reasons for wanting to attend MIT Sloan.  As a result, I became more introspective and mindful about my work and it’s lasting impact.  Also, the act of leaving a stable job for the unknown inspired my friends and co-workers to talk with me about their dreams – I always left those meetings feeling energized, even if I had spent the entire night before writing essays.

In addition, because of the process, I gained new set of friends to learn with and be inspired by.  With one month left before classes start, I am excited about who I’ll meet and what I’ll experience as a result.

Members of the Class of 2018 at Beacon Hill Pub

Members of the Class of 2018 at Beacon Hill Pub

To all prospective students – cheers and good luck!

Jonathan Lovett

Jonathan Lovett is an MBA Candidate in the MIT Sloan Class of 2018. A former Research & Development engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jonathan is interested in learning about sustainable development and innovation in large corporations. Outside of the classroom, Jonathan enjoys traveling, running and using his engineering background to improve family recipes.


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  1. Jonathan,

    Thank you for sharing your insights into the application process it was definitely insightful. Could you please share with me some of the more finer details of the processes which allowed you to become more introspective?

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