YOSO: You Only Sloan Once

My Sloan experience is 25% complete, which is both exciting and terrifying.  There’s so much to explore beyond core and I’m excited to do it but I know I can’t do it all. #priorities #fomo

This past semester has been unlike anything I could have expected.  First, who knew business could be so quantitative?  Taking Data, Models and Decisions (aka DMD), Economics and Accounting felt as rigorous as my engineering classes back in undergrad.  Based on what I’ve heard from my friends at other B-schools, I feel privileged to have built such a strong quant base so early on.  I was also amazed at how similar the culture was to what I experienced when I visited a year ago.  My vintage of Sloanie were just as collaborative, humble and innovative as admissions said they’d be.  Also, the experiences and opportunities were endless; saying no to such amazing opportunities was the hardest part of the semester.  Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 3.52.51 PM

Example of collaborative, humble, innovative Sloanies (aka Hotlantics)

However, as I reflect on the opportunities ahead of me, I think back to the advice the second years gave to us before the year started.

#FOMO is your friend.  Use it to get out of your comfort zone.  Do things you’d never think of doing.  You’ll never be in a place like this again; take advantage of this!

My “You Only Sloan Once” #YOSO tour starts now!

What are my goals for the next 18 months:

  1.  Get a job – Nothing brings me back to reality like remembering those pesky student loans (haha – but seriously).  But my goal isn’t just to pull down six figures.  I found career opportunities which resonate with who I am and who I want to be.  With interviews in hand, all I have to do now is perform.
  2. Meet more 1st and 2nd years – the beauty of being in Oceans is that I know about 70 people really, really well, but there are over 730 other people who may possibly be just as cool.  I’m ready to meet people with similar interests and take classes, travel and chat with them on a more frequent basis.
  3. Refine my leadership style – Communications and OP were pretty life-changing for me; the ideas we discussed weren’t novel (i.e. I already knew writing in yellow marker wasn’t a great idea), but paying attention to my presence and style was.  In my old organization, leadership was an innate thing that some people just “had”.  This past semester, I learned about what the components of that innate thing were and practiced different parts of it on myself.  I can’t wait to practice more.

But for now, I’ll sit by the fire and enjoy IAP.


Jonathan Lovett

Jonathan Lovett is an MBA Candidate in the MIT Sloan Class of 2018. A former Research & Development engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jonathan is interested in learning about sustainable development and innovation in large corporations. Outside of the classroom, Jonathan enjoys traveling, running and using his engineering background to improve family recipes.


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