MBA Class of 2019

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2019 candidates. Readers are welcome to comment at the bottom of the individual blog post.

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Making History – Sloan’s First Retail Conference

As I stood to the side of the room waiting for Nike’s CIO, Jim Scholefield to begin his keynote speech to kick-off the weekend’s events, I could not help but feel absolutely wow-ed. Not only from the fact that I was standing three feet away from a retail giant, but … Read more 

The Hottest Deal in Clean Energy Finance

“And then Macquarie did something that can only be described as sexy. They went to CIT and did the first ever securitization of a portfolio of lithium ion battery storage projects.”
The whole class started laughing, mostly because the senior vice president from The Macquarie Group nearly spit out his … Read more 

Finance Track – MIT Sloan Private Equity Trek in London

When I chose to attend MIT, I honestly did not do it thinking about the school’s peculiar strengths in a particular industry or field, but I did it because of the school’s prestige and because of the alumni I encountered during my career – some of the smartest and humblest … Read more 

SWIMming at Sloan

A little more than a year out of college I was standing in a room at my alma mater, Boston College, full of excited sophomores, nervous juniors, and at ease second semester seniors talking about my time in sales at a large technology firm. I had been asked to speak … Read more 

First Half Semester Reflections

To say that my journey through the first semester has been a whirlwind is an understatement. Through the first 2 months, my core team (assigned group of six to seven students from my “ocean” or cohort) has gelled to become best of friends and we can count on each other … Read more 

Mens et Manus and Blockchain startup @ MIT Sloan #ideasmadetomatter

It is not a secret that MIT promotes the Mens et Manus, or mind and hand, approach. To me personally, that spirit means a great deal. Coming from Israel—the startup nation—I had considered MIT Sloan the best place at which I could start my own technology company, hoping to change … Read more 

Being LGBT at Sloan

When I started to apply to business school, I wasn’t sure what being an LGBT MBA candidate would feel like. I did my undergrad at Pomona College, a liberal arts school in California, and I feared that there was no way any MBA program could be as gay-friendly as my … Read more 

How to relocate as a married international student; hint: arrive early, bribe your SO

There is a plethora of factors affecting the way you could start your MBA experience; I chose to move in as early as possible and have done so on July 27. Relocation can be overwhelming, especially for international students, like me, who embark on their inaugural journey outside their home … Read more 

Touchdown Boston! Now what?

Are you ready for the vibrant Cambridge life as a student? Yes… me neither! And, I can’t wait at the same time!
I have lived in Boston for the past three years and I love it (except the snowy winters, those I hate!) I have had the best time discovering this … Read more 

How I plan to choose between the many activities at MIT


MBA begins in one month!
Most people will have a goal in mind for their MBA, such as “move to a certain industry” or “learn more on a certain topic”, and such goal is certainly a helpful guide on deciding which activities to pursue. At the same time in many instances … Read more 

Pre-MBA Advice: Three Activities to Justify Quitting Your Job Early


The first comments I received upon receiving my acceptance to MIT Sloan, after “congratulations,” were starkly different.
For example, my mom commented, “Maybe you can work at your job until the day before school starts to save extra money.” On the other hand, most friends that had completed an MBA all asked, … Read more