MBA Class of 2019

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2019 candidates. Readers are welcome to comment at the bottom of the individual blog post.

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Pursuing a Business Analytics Certificate as a Liberal Arts Grad

I studied sociology as an undergraduate at a tiny liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts. At the time, a few people warned me about the difficulty I might face finding a job post-graduation. What does a 22-year-old with a curiosity about human decision-making and a knack for breaking down … Read more 

Why Sales Skills Shouldn’t Be Optional for MBAs

Jeff Hoffman delivers a sales workshop to 50 MIT Sloan MBA students
When I first started my MBA, I was surprised to find only one class focused on sales through the entire course catalog. Ideally, an MBA should teach all basic skills necessary to successfully run a company. But a … Read more 

Mens et Manus and Blockchain Startup @ MIT Sloan, part 2 #epicsummer

Well, my 2018 summer was fascinating. I worked on my startup, elphi, Inc., from R3’s NYC office, designing our dApp (decentralized application), or better said CordApp (an application that runs on the Corda platform). Corda is R3’s powerful Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocol. Given the relatively new public awareness of … Read more 

Following in the footsteps of a trailblazer, Leslie Clift Hruby

Sloan Women in Management (SWIM) is the nexus and springboard for each class of MBA women. As presidents, our role is to seek to understand the needs of our members and provide the resources that will help us grow and succeed. These resources include powerful guest speakers, skills-based workshops, off-campus … Read more 

Organizing the Israel Trek

My journey with the Israel Trek started 2 years ago, when I interviewed for Sloan. My interviewer told me about this amazing trek to Israel and how the Israelis brought a record number of 150 students. In the heat of the moment I made a promise that if I … Read more 

MIT Sloan and Private Equity Case Competitions, a Repeated Success Story

“While you are all winners for making it to the final round, today the real winner is….MIT Sloan!” proclaimed one of the judges during the reception that followed London Business School’s Private Equity case competition this past April.
Winners of 2018 Cinven | London Business School Private Equity Case Competition … Read more 

Hidden Resource @ MIT Sloan #facultyandstaff

A few months ago, I took part in one of the faculty lunches offered at MIT Sloan. It is a casual lunch with a professor, open to ten to fifteen current students looking to engage in an in‑depth discussion about topics related to Sloan. Someone asked our host: “what is … Read more 

Enterprise Management: A Foundation for Intrapreneurship

When other Sloanies find out that I’m in the Enterprise Management (EM) Track, their first question is usually, “Isn’t that the consulting track?”
Well, folks, hello from a different career path! Don’t get me wrong, the EM Track is useful for all those future consultants out there, but … Read more 

Reflections From the First Ever Men as Allies Symposium

On February 23rd and 24th, I had the pleasure of travelling to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College to attend the first ever Men as Allies Symposium and Leadership Summit presented by the Forte Foundation. The symposium brought together leaders from Men as Allies clubs representing top MBA programs … Read more 

Making History – Sloan’s First Retail Conference

As I stood to the side of the room waiting for Nike’s CIO, Jim Scholefield to begin his keynote speech to kick-off the weekend’s events, I could not help but feel absolutely wow-ed. Not only from the fact that I was standing three feet away from a retail giant, but … Read more 

The Hottest Deal in Clean Energy Finance

“And then Macquarie did something that can only be described as sexy. They went to CIT and did the first ever securitization of a portfolio of lithium ion battery storage projects.”
The whole class started laughing, mostly because the senior vice president from The Macquarie Group nearly spit out his … Read more 

Finance Track – MIT Sloan Private Equity Trek in London

When I chose to attend MIT, I honestly did not do it thinking about the school’s peculiar strengths in a particular industry or field, but I did it because of the school’s prestige and because of the alumni I encountered during my career – some of the smartest and humblest … Read more