Touchdown Boston! Now what?

Are you ready for the vibrant Cambridge life as a student? Yes… me neither! And, I can’t wait at the same time!

I have lived in Boston for the past three years and I love it (except the snowy winters, those I hate!) I have had the best time discovering this vibrant city full of young people with plenty of things to do! I am looking forward to my beautiful adventure at MIT Sloan, but I keep thinking about how hard it might be for new students to experience the city once the MBA craziness starts, specially if they were only able to visit during admission events. Over the past few weeks, I have started to connect with people who are finally arriving to the area, and even though these last pre-MBA weeks can be extremely hectic, I would love to encourage new comers to explore the following:

Don’t be scared of venturing into Boston

A big percentage of the students tend to live in Cambridge and it makes total sense. But, Boston, is just a bridge away and the walk there is easy and beautiful. Believe me, enjoy the warm and sunny weather by the Charles while it lasts… Stroll down Memorial Drive and cross the Mass Ave Bridge. Boston can be very different from Cambridge. Get to know the nearby areas: Back Bay (Newbury Street is a must!, specially if you are planning to do some shopping and have a coffee/gelato), Fenway for the baseball fans and Beacon Hill with its very historic streets, local shops and lot of Boston attitude. Knowing how far or close things are and where to go for a mental break or during the weekends will definitively help you (and your SO!), to feel more comfortable in your new environment.

Take some time to visit offices at the MIT Campus

Even though MIT keeps remind us to utilize their resources, only a few people make the effort to get to know campus and their offices before arriving to school for ‘official activities’. I have visited MIT multiple times including the Financial Aid Office, the (gorgeous!) gym and the Martin Trust Center. MIT does not have a centralized campus and those numbered building (E52, E50?) can get a little confusing. It is great to get familiar with our school without the stress that comes along with orientation week. Also, staff are very helpful at giving you tips about what tracks to take, some of the most competitive classes and some of the best student activities you can enroll in.

Embrace the culture

Oysters, lobster rolls, clam chowder? A Red Sox game? Quincy Market and Mike’s Pastries? The Freedom Trail? Yes, yes, yes and yes! B-town is an awesome city for foodies and adventurers. I am sure our core semester will keep us more than busy, so if you have a few extra days in Boston, try to connect with students already in the area (I am available!) and start embracing the New England-ness! There are also plenty of summer fitness classes at the Prudential Center and The Esplanade and even free concerts and theater performances in the area until the beginning of September as well. Go enjoy!

I really look forward to meeting all of you (or seeing you again) very soon,

Enjoy the last weeks of freedom!

PS: You can also try paddle-boarding at the Charles River, it’s cheap, super fun and there is a rental place just by┬áKendall Square:

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