Keeping Busy (in and out of the classroom)

Hello analytics fans!

Only a month has passed since the MBAn Class of 2018 arrived at MIT but you wouldn’t know it looking at our packed schedules! We are all knee deep in our five classes, and many of us have research projects with faculty members in addition to our coursework. Luckily the classes are interesting and we have each other when the going gets tough on our problem sets.

But it’s not just about class here in Cambridge! We’ve also joined a variety of clubs and are busy making our mark on campus. From Venture Capital Club, to Sloan Women in Management, or being on the organizing committee of the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, there truly is something for everyone here.

We’ve also been busy celebrating many MBAn birthdays! As of tomorrow, we will have celebrated 5 birthdays in 3 weeks, four of which were back to back! (Extra credit question: what’s the probability of that happening in a class of 30?) Additionally, one of our directors, Dimitris, and our career adviser, Chris, also have birthdays this week. Needless to say, we have been enjoying a lot of cake – which is especially delicious when it’s from Toscanini’s.

Last week we had a great group dinner! The weather is still beautiful and we got to take advantage of it by eating outside.

At dinner, we held class elections for our student representatives. It was exciting to hear the speeches and listen to everyone’s ideas for our upcoming year. The results are:

Class President: Tim Valicenti

Chair of Media Relations: Subha Rengarajan and Rachel Insoft

Chair of Analytics Career Fair: Sarah Eades

Chair of Speaker Series: Jeremy Toledano

Chair of West Coast Trek: Michael Li

Class Video Chair: Louis Lecluse

Class Gift Chair: Will McEntee

Speaking of media relations, are you following our Instagram and Facebook accounts? Be on the look out for our forthcoming Twitter as well!

Stay tuned at the end of the month for a recap of our MBAn retreat to Maine (exciting!) and if we all survived our midterm exams (…significantly less exciting).

Peace & Data Science,


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  1. Interested to continue reading this blog as I am considering applying to the program myself!

    Also, in terms of birthdays, the probability may surprise you! You should look into the “Relative Age Effect” (usually applied to discussions about athletics but also applicable to academics). It may not be so unusual that such a cluster of birthdays appears around the time of year school systems use for grade cut offs.

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