MBAn Class of 2018 Has Arrived!

Greetings from Cambridge!

Fall semester has begun and the MBAns are ready to take MIT by storm! We’re a class of 30 students and each and every one of us is excited to be on campus.

We started off orientation meeting our fearless leaders: Michelle, Giada, Amy, Chris, and Dimitris. They showed us everything that MIT, Sloan, and the Operations Research Center have to offer us. In the following two days we jumped right into programming (both literally and figuratively, see our photo below!) and honed our skills in R and Julia. It was a great taste of what class would be like for the rest of the semester.

On Thursday we said goodbye to the MBAn class of 2017 as we watched them graduate. It was sad to see them go but we enjoyed talking to them at their graduation lunch. They gave great advice on classes, clubs, and the job search process. If you want to see photos of the beautiful day, check out our facebook page.

Friday’s orientation day was full of off campus fun. We started off on a duck tour to get to know Boston and Cambridge.

Then we faced our fear of heights at Project Adventure. Turns out you can learn a lot outside of a classroom! In addition to discovering new things about each other, we also found out that we all look great in climbing helmets and harnesses.

We finished the day with an amazing lobster bake at our career advisor Chris’s house. Her whole family was so kind to host us! It was a great taste of New England, although some of us were really baffled about how to eat it (even with the provided directions). They even baked homemade lobster shaped cookies! Luckily, eating those was much more self explanatory.

After a four day weekend for Labor Day where we savored our last taste of freedom without homework, we were ready to hit the ground running with classes. Want to know which courses we’re taking? Stay tuned for a future blog post!

In Peace & Data Science,

Rachel (MBAn ’18)

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  1. Studying for an MBA is probably one of the best times anyone can have. In particular when you study at a world leading Institution like MIT. Guys make the most of your time at MIT!

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