MFin Class of 2015

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MFin Class of 2015 candidates. Relevant comments and topic suggestions are welcome from all readers.

Stepping Outside of Finance: Entrepreneurship Lab

One of the perks of the MFin program is having the ability to choose a significant fraction of your courses. This allows you to really chart your own course while still building a strong foundation in finance. MFins often take this opportunity to explore their interest outside of the financial … Read more 

Benefits of Diversification

When I applied to the MFin program, I said that I wanted to work in teams more than my previous work experiences required me to do. Well boy do I have my share of team projects! I am currently taking four courses plus the proseminar in corporate finance/investment banking. In … Read more 

Club Bonanza

photo 1

The opportunity to join over 60 clubs – themed on business/professional, cultural/regional, and sports/recreation – is just the start of what you can get involved at MIT Sloan. One of the biggest events this fall, the Sloan Club Fest brings together the MBAs, MFin, MSMSs, LGOs, EMBAs, and SDMs on September 10th … Read more 

One Down, Two to Go

Sea Function

Drinks at the Boathouse in Central Park

Downtown Manhattan from the Rooftop of the Met

Last week, we finished our summer term. It was an intense but rewarding seven weeks. For some of us including myself, the crash courses in accounting and finance theory were overwhelming at … Read more 

A Day in the Life of an MFin (summer edition)

The MFin summer term is just jam packed with classes and activities. Below is a small sampling of what we do on a daily basis. So without further ado, I present to you the anticipated ‘a day in the life of an MFin’
7:30 AM – Beep beep beep! I am … Read more 

Harvard vs. MIT Case Competition

The summer term in the MFin program is jam-packed with academic challenges, networking opportunities and career development mentoring. To this end, your hands full in July and August, and at times, things can become quite overwhelming. However, amidst this chaos, MFin students can reach beyond the program, or even beyond … Read more 

A wrap up of Summer term

Hi everyone,
What a summer! We finally said Goodbye to Summer classes and parted for a tiny short break before the Fall hits us again one week from now. In this post I’d like to share with you some of my highlight moments in the past one month and a half … Read more 

Lectures & Inspiration @MIT


In the past weeks we had more and more time to adjust to our new surroundings and adapt. Friendships have been formed and new people have come into our lives. It is interesting being part of this group. Most of us are very young and inexperienced and have diverging interests. … Read more 

Reaching 2nd Base in The Networking Game


I can’t believe it’s been a full month already since school started. Saying this has been the most challenging and exhilarating experience is an understatement. Even in all this excitement a question still niggles at me… “How do I improve my networking?…” The challenge with networking is not meeting new people. … Read more 

What we do for fun



Get it?
Having made it through the first week of classes in one piece, I’d like to share with you my experiences in and out of the classroom. If you’ve read the post by Julius, I can assure you he isn’t exaggerating. The summer classes are like drinking out of … Read more 

Summer courses & sports & groceries


Blog entry part 2
Orientation week is over and school has officially begun. Orientation was quite fun, a lot of effort was made so everybody would get to know each other. We are 116 people if I remember correctly and of course forming a cohesive group with this many people is … Read more 

Just the Beginning


Hello fellow bloggers, classmates, prospective students and all others! My name is Elise. I am a native New Yorker. I have spent my entire life living in NYC, so I am excited about spending this upcoming year in Cambridge/Boston. I graduated from Barnard College last year and have spent the … Read more